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The Colonial Yaounde Regime & Its Definition of an Ambazonian “Terrorist”









The Colonial Yaounde Regime & Its Definition of an Ambazonian “Terrorist”

Because I spoke truth to government, I became a terrorist.

Because I asked for good roads, water and electricity as returns for my taxes, I became a terrorist.

Because I fought to defend my rights as a citizen I became a terrorist in the eyes of government.

Because I fought and still fighting for justice for the oppressed and subjugated, I became a terrorist.

Even when I have not been convicted by any competent court of law, they take away all my imaginable Constitutional Rights because I am a terrorist.

Even when I decide to run to a foreign country for asylum, I am illegally abducted and brought back because I am a terrorist.

Because I am a terrorist my family doesn’t have the right to know my whereabouts for 6 months, under the guise of National Security and Judicial Procedures.

Because I am a terrorist I don’t have a right to meet a lawyer, not to talk of a lawyer of my choice.

Because I am accused of being a terrorist, my wife is also a terrorist, my children, including babies and unborn children are also terrorists and they deserve to be summarily executed.

Because I am a terrorist, my house is also a terrorist, my car is also a terrorist, my business is a terrorist, even our family pet is a terrorist and these things have to be destroyed by fire.

Because we are terrorist, masked armed men are stationed at our kids’ schools claiming to secure them, when they are actually there to raped, brutalized and kill them.

As terrorists, armored cars and machine guns parade our streets day and night, shooting sporadically to scare the hell out of us.

As a terrorist, the same people I pay to protect me are the ones who kill, steal and destroy my life and anything related to me.

As a terrorist, I therefore live to fear the people I pay to protect me.

As terrorists on the run, our families, including children are in the bushes for several months and no one cares.

As terrorists, we were lucky to accepted as refugees in Nigeria.

As terrorists on the run, my wife had to use dry grass to absorb her menstruation.

As a terrorist, even If I’m shot by the same people I pay to protect me, I have no right to be treated in the hospital.

As a terrorist, even if I’m wounded in the cross fire, I have no right to medical care because my oppressors forbid doctors from treating me, if only the hospitals have not been forcefully shut down by my oppressors.

As a terrorist, I’m not supposed to wear a black dress with red stripes for Id be immediately executed.

As a terrorist, I have no right to communication, reason why the internet must be shut down for months so that my family and friends remain in the dark as to the atrocities perpetrated by my accusers.

As a terrorist, my name must be tabooed in the local and foreign press; no one is supposed to mention my name, lest they be sanctioned by the government.

That is how thousands of our brothers were abducted from Ambazonia and whisked off to LRC prisons.

That is how Sissiku Ayuk-Julius and Co spent six months incommunicado without family members knowing their whereabouts and without access to a lawyer.

That is how entire villages are being wiped out in Ambazonia because the houses, the businesses, the warehouses and other property belonging to terrorists.


Because I am a Terrorist

That is how women and children are summarily being executed by the Biya regime, be it in the North of LRC or in Ambazonia. LRC military forces have been carrying out this carnage in the north, summarily executing people without trial and burning down villages, yet accusing BOKO HARAM of burning down villages.

That’s how over 80 villages have been burnt down in Ambazonia, including summary executions that have not spared, women, babies, little girls, grandmothers and even grand children from death.

The video on the execution of the northern women and babies has raised a lot of dust worldwide but it is just one of the hundreds. The only difference here perhaps is that others were not recorded on video.

How many houses were broken into in Kembong and young boys shot on their legs at that time, no one had fired a gun into the air.

Let’s not forget that SAM SOYA and co were executed in like manner, a purported Ambazonia general was equally tortured to death by gendarmes on Camera. Hundreds of civilians have been summarily executed in cold blood and one unreported.

At first, LRC used to ask them to undress and wear ready-made dresses with Ambazonia effigies before being executed. In some cases, guns and odeshi ribbons were forged/photo-shopped on the crime scene to make it look like they were fighters.

According to Patrice Nouma, a deserted LRC soldier and staunch anti-Biya adversary, several testimonies of his friends in the war front point to the fact that the big wigs in Yaoundé asked for fresh human organs and human flesh from those executed to be put in flasks and sent to Yaoundé so that they could be used for satanic rituals.

That is how several civilians, virgin girls and children were summarily executed and their organs removed and sent to Yaoundé so that the cannibals, the vampires, the homosexuals and the Satanists could do nocturnal masses to get charms and remain in power.

However, there is always a time for an end to everything and now is the time. No matter how brutal and diabolic the Yaoundé regime tries to continuously hold on to Ambazonia and its people, they shall a fail. It is freedom time.

It is time for Ambazonia to be born, a nation where terrorism shall be defined from the conventional perspective and not from the perspective of an individual dictator or from what a a group of blood suckers think. From a conventional definition, the Colonial regime and its genocidal military are the real terrorists.

To be continued

Ambe Emmanuel

BaretaNews Contributor

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  1. Malis

    July 14, 2018 at 11:10 PM

    A drug addicts, a crazy man that killed his own wife, a psychopathic evil spirit that kills babies, children, and mothers, a weak jealous man that killed another man and took his wife.

    Just as African chiefs during European colonization and slavery sold Africans babies, women, boys, … , the resources of Africa, … for alcohol to the European, today some of these so called president of Africa nations are doing the exact same thing.

    Fools, that don’t even love what gave birth to them, they hate their mothers to death and run behind the Asians, Europeans as if that is what gave birth to them. Cursed souls.

    We are going to teach him the lesson of life, no evil of this caliber ever escape the a vengeance of the the creator.

  2. MOG

    July 16, 2018 at 12:25 PM

    A perfect Write up to be preserved for reference and reflection! We are heading to the dawn of our new nation. But the night is darkest at dawn. Before the Israelites came to the banks of the Red Sea to cross over to freedom, they passed through many nights. The most restless and frightful night was the one at the bank of the Read Sea where Moses, the Liberator stayed awake with his hands raised over the Red Sea all night. We must experience the evil of the night in order to desire and embrace the glory and beauty of a new dawn. After a storm is always a calm! No storm,no night lasts forever! We are shedding tears of blood now, but will soon shed tears of freedom, joy, deliverance and divine blessings. God has not yet abandoned us, and will not abandon us.

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