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War in Ambazonia; Figure of Internally Displaced Persons Could be More than UN Estimates



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War in Ambazoia; Figure of Internally Displaced Persons Could be More than UN Estimates

As the terrorist regime of La Republique du Cameroun (LRC) continue the war in Ambazonia, terrorizing the Ambazonian people, there are indications that the number of Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) may have risen beyond the United Nations’ Estimate of 160 thousand. This follows the total displacement of villagers along the Buea-Kumba road, especially between Ekona and Kumba, due to recent indiscriminate spraying of bullets into homes by the terrorist forces.

The President of the Ayah Foundation, Ayah Ayah, while on a relief mission to villagers along that stretch of the road discovered that there’s ‘no life’ both along the road and into the streets as everyone has fled from colonial terror.

It has been weeks of consistent attacks from colonial soldiers in these towns and villages, which have left them deserted and abandoned, with majority of the people taking refuge in make-shift tents in the forests and their cocoa farms. Mr. Ayah Ayah, presents a picture of his situation as his team went visiting the affected communities.

“…we did tours through that very dangerous stretch yesterday, looking for survivors to offer some food and/or nonfood relief materials…”

“The few we saw, about 20 people throughout that stretch, ran into the bushes as we stopped and called out to them, fearing we were ‘enemies’. Only a SINGLE INDIVIDUAL was courageous enough to heed to our call owing to the fact that, ‘he follows all I do’; ‘in his own words. The young guy revealed to us that men in uniform now dress in civil attire as well as use cars with normal matriculation and shoot at unarmed civilians, which accounts to the COMPLETELY DESERTED VILLAGES between the Buea and Kumba stretch. You need to embark on that journey to see for yourselves how unbelievable the situation is.”

“Just imagine how many people could be internally displaced. Certainly, far from the one hundred and sixty thousand (160) figure advanced by the UN. Imagine what hundreds of thousands of families are going through in the bushes. I wonder to whom the announced humanitarian package will be handed to.”

It is important to note that all this mayhem is happening at a time the colonial regime plans to begin what it call a humanitarian mission to the affected villages. According to the colonial minister of territorial administration, slave boy Atanga Nji Paul, the so-called humanitarian mission is expected to kick-off on Monday in Buea, the Ambazonian capital.

It is left to be seen how the rogue regime intend to reach the displaced persons considering the fact that there has been no declaration of a Cease—fire by the colonial aggressor state – LRC, and Ambazonian restoration forces have vowed to ambush any convoy taking such poisoned goods to a population being terrorized by the same people.


James Agbor

BaretaNews Political Analyst

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