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Winning The Southern Cameroons Struggle



Mark Bara

The Struggle Is Fully Alive: How to Win It- MUST READ

His Excellency Tassang Wilfred, Deputy Interim President of the Southern Cameroons Governing Council otherwise known as the Deputy Chairman was live some minutes ago in the SCBC TV. The central message from his call was that Southern Cameroonians must remain resolute, united and be steadfast. He declared that a full detail on the Southern Cameroons School situation shall be made known in 13 days. He called on our people to fully engage in the struggle by making sure ghost towns are respected, and most importantly the need not to fall in La Republique traps by succumbing to school resumption. He also mentioned that Interim President Sisiku Ayuk Julius Tabe is the leader chosen by God. He said there are also some major diplomatic decisions coming our way that will shake the foundation of the Cameroons and lead us to homeland. He called for love and forgiveness and asked us to maintain a clean and sane social media atmosphere. He concluded by saying that, the RESTORATION DREAM SHALL NOT BE COMPROMISE.

On this note, while we wait on the governing council, it is our responsibility to make sure that that we put into place the following:

A: Diaspora.

1. Pick up your phone now and call your family and those you sponsor back home. Call and give strict instructions of NO SCHOOL. Also get their feelings and send feedback to SCACUF. Tell them to be patient. Encourage them in all ways possible. Make that call now.

2. It is time to put actions into words. You know “Paddy Men them” in your villages, quarters, villages. Get few of them. Send them few notes of CFA to produce flyers so that they can litter the streets and areas such as markets, joints and churches. However, ask them to be extra careful. Add some little notes for motivation. Let the entire Southern Cameroons be flooded with tracts

3. Identify self defense groups and sponsor their actions. More importantly go to and register. You are encourage by me to do so. Register, pay your own contributions, donate and help the interim council carry its actions.

4. Fund the Mark Bareta SMS Drive and certain ground actions. This is a private initiative I have taken. It is something I am doing in my name. If you wish to fund this, go to and donate even your 10 dollar. Again this is a private and voluntary initiative. I decided long ago to be independent because I realised I will be more productive this way than joining groups.

B: Those Home

1. Please transmit any sms you receive to all your phone contacts based in Southern Cameroons. Make a duty to craft messages yourself daily and send to your contacts. These messages must center around: NO SCHOOL RESUMPTION, FREE ALL ARRESTED, RESPECT OF GHOST TOWNS and FREEDOM TO SOUTHERN CAMEROONS.

2. Send to us phone contacts for bulk messaging. Please send to please only send to us contacts you have never sent before to avoid repetition and send to us contacts only to those base in Southern Cameroons.

3. Read often Mark Bareta’s post and craft the good messages and share by sms. Let our people know what is happening.

4. Respect and Enforce Ghost Towns. Help in Flyers distribution and sharing. Form intelligent communities to safe homeland.

5. We ask for your loyalty and perseverance knowing that we feel same pain you feel.

I am confident that if Southern Cameroonians both home and abroad get involve in his or her own role, playing your own duty, then we shall cross the finish line to flush La Republique out of our land.

These are actions we can carry on while leaving the security and diplomatic groups to plan and execute their actions quietly. Can we do this? Yes we can

#FreeAllArrested #NoToSchoolResumption #FreeSouthernCameroons.

Mark Bareta.

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