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Colonial Governor Lebialem Convoy Attack Staged Managed-Boh Herbert Writes










This video of so-called attacks on the convoy of the SW colonial governor is staged. Every second of it is invented… fully made up. The gunfire we hear on the video is from the occupation forces of LRC themselves. They are firing in the air and they have a fake reporter embedded for the purpose of pretending that they cane under attack. Don’t be fooled. The colonialists are staging this fake attack for two main reasons:

(1) The colonial adminstrators and military officials involve want to extract maximum financial benefit from Yaounde. The regime would make available more funding for a phoney war as they deploy more troops in and around Lebialem where they also seem to be planning the next series of massacres.

(2) They are creating footage that can be used with the international community and diplomats based in Yaounde to justify why the criminal regime of Mr. Biya is slaughtering civilians and will be killing more of them going forward.

This is not the first time the colonialists in Yaounde have used video to this effect. This is at least the third time this has been done. Each time, the staged videos have been produced to justify launching a more aggressive crackdown against Ambazonian civilians.

The first such staged videos was one of the staged attacks targeting students going to school in Victoria or what the colonialists call Limbe. That first staged video was backed up by the roadblocks in Ekona and the attacks using tons of rocks on security forces; filmed and shown by a number of local TV stations, granted access for the purpose of getting the video out. Yaounde used that first video to call in the diplomatic corps. They screened it for ambassadors and used it to try to justify the savage attacks ahead of and during the peaceful protests of Sept. 22nd 2017.

The second was the video produced with the support of a French TV network showing LRC forces crushing insurgents at the border with Nigeria and, among others, conquering the town of Dadi portrayed as the Headquarters of the ADF. The release of that video was followed by LRC troops staging cross border genocidal attacks into Nigeria, including entering Taraba State. Working closely with French intelligence and military as well as with Nigeria, Yaounde claimed to have arrested armed insurgents in training camps in Taraba State although local security forces said no weapons were on them. Those arrests in Taraba were immediately followed by the abductions at Nera Hotel and the rendition of Sisiku AyukTabe & Co. Shortly after that, LRC used its own troops to produce and release a video purportedly showing troops loyal to SCACUF-IG reportedly training close to the border with Nigeria.

The so-called attacks en route to and fro Lebialem are the third time around. And this third time is as fake as the others reviewed above… and this is why.

If anyone attacked the convoy of the colonial convoy… using even mere rocks, they would have smashed a few car windshields. Instead, what LRC shows to the world is video of an attack during which absolutely nothing happens. If anyone planned to attack the convoy, they would have arranged to set up obstacles on the way to bring the convoy to a halt and, therefore, making the likelihood of hitting the convoy higher. The audacity of the attacks the colonialists claim happened would have led to more impact, especially the second time around. For all those of you who have watched the video, please notice that the TV crew was filming when both so-called attacks occurred. To be very clear, no TV crew in the world is constantly rolling tape, filming as they ride along at all the time. No TV crew would be so lucky as to be filming at the exact time when two attacks occur… on the way to and fro Lebialem.

Listen to the fake reporter… He says that they were attacked by civilians… How does he know that? He says the attacks on the way to and fro were staged by CIVILIANS; not armed insurgents. He says so because that is what LRC decided in advance. The goal of criminalizing civilians is to try to justify the regime’s war crimes on and indiscriminate targeting of civilians.

If the convoy really came under armed attack, do you think the TV crew and fake reporter on board would have not ran for cover on the floor of the car in fear? Instead, the crew is steadily filming from beginning to end… and the fake reporter is doing an on-camera calm reporting… with a level of assurance in his voice and face that only comes if you are confident that the attack is staged… You display that much calm only if you are certain of not being hurt. Watch the footage carefully again and pay attention to the military man riding in the back of the pickup truck and visible on the shot showing the fake reporter doing his on-camera recording. The military man is just sitting there… in the back of the pickup… doing nothing during the so-called attacks.

The colonialists are getting better at staging these fake attacks, but they are still getting busted!

Ntumfoyn Boh Herbert (Yindo Toh)
Spokesperson, MoRISC

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