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Strategizing for victory on October 1st : What Lessons Learned!!!!










Strategizing for victory on October 1st

Let nobody be fooled into thinking that the same strategy used on Friday September 22nd that let to a worldwide victory against the repressive regime will do the trick again on October 1st 2017. La Republique du Cameroun is still in shock from the massive mobilization that saw villages, towns and cities rise to claim their statehood. It was a historic uprising and yet, many still say it was only a rehearsal of the actual show on October 1st. Like any other rehearsal, lessons have been learned and errors shall be corrected on the day of the final show.

1. The first important lesson learned from the September 22nd worldwide protest is that surprise and attack remains the best strategy in any conflict. We all saw how la Republique du Cameroun was taken by surprise by a crowd they had until then always underestimated. Even with all the noise that was made on social media about September 22nd, la Republique du Cameroun administrators were convinced it was nothing but social media noise. Remember they have branded Ambazonia a Facebook republic, meaning that whatever is discussed on Facebook ends on Facebook and has no repercussions on the ground. On that fateful Friday September 22nd, la Republique du Cameroun suddenly found out that the so-called Facebook republic had actual people, actual leaders and actual control over a territory. It is that element of surprise that got us the victory on that day and left forces of lawlessness from the oppressive regime staring in awe as children as well as parents, grandparents and even dogs rose like one man to say No to the oppression. Now this will no longer be a surprise to the oppressor on October 1st. Only a new surprise will work and that I leave it in the hands of our experts.

2. The power of the people is more than any other power. That is another lesson that was learnt on September 22nd from the tens of thousands of Southern Cameroonians that took to the streets to claim their territory, armed with nothing but olive branches, whistles, flags and liberation songs. Many were shot, yet the demonstrations went on as had been planned, proving that shooting on peaceful demonstrators doesn’t provide a solution to any crisis. On the contrary, it emboldens them, gives them more solidarity and wins them new sympathizers. This is a simple lesson oppressive regimes have never learned. Now shall we come out again on October 1st unarmed so that you cowardly shoot women and children to show your strength or this time around we will also prepare for self-defense in case you attack us? That, I leave in the hands of our leaders and experts to decide.

3. Our chiefs and parliamentarians have finally awoken from slumber. The people they represent woke them up and empowered them again with the legitimate authority they had over the people before colonial agents sent by the oppressor corrupted their minds with petty cash and goodies that led to some even turn against their own people. Like hangover from a night of severe drinking, they now slowly regain consciousness and realize how much had been stolen from them during their drunken mood.

They are now joining the people and vowing to make up for all the years they have spent serving the oppressor at the detriment of their own people. Our lost-but-found chiefs, parliamentarians and elite now joining the ranks will lead us into all the nooks and crannies of the oppressor’s land in which they were used as tools to reinforce the subjugation of their own people. Our leaders and experts reserve the rights to use the valuable intelligence of these elders in a way that benefits this restoration and shames the oppressor.

4. On Friday September 22nd the objective was to tell the world that we are a united people with one goal to restore our statehood. We showed the world that despite all odds, we were ready to take our destiny into our hands. We demonstrated to the world that the legitimate demand for the restoration of the independence of Southern Cameroons was not just something by a small handful of persons but also a demand supported by every Southern Cameroonian in the world. Now, on October 1st, shall we just go out to announce the same thing and do nothing more? I bet no. God forbid! The objective must be different. Tip. Think of an unruly tenant you have had living in your house for too long; a tenant you have notified repeatedly to leave your property. What you do after that is what should be happening on October 1st. Anything short from the eviction of the unlawful tenant would be a failure to 99% of the population of Southern Cameroons.

5. Over the years, the oppressor has always had the upper hand in everything going on in our land because of the power to intimidate, threaten and subjugate us with arms bought with our own money. They ferry in truckloads of soldiers and military equipment when there is the slightest demonstration by citizens asking for basic rights. That was the case on September 22nd as we watched many of our compatriots shot and killed in front of us by the oppressor while we brandished olive branches. Now that the Southern Cameroons Governing Council has activated the right to self-defense, shall we go out on October 1st again armed with olive branches to show how peaceful we are and lose some more citizens or this time we shall go out prepared to defend ourselves by all means available? The answer is blowing in the wind. Shall we allow military reinforcements on our territory from military camps in neighboring towns in la Republique du Cameroun? Stopping the reinforcements before they even get to our land is better than dealing with them when they are fully deployed in our villages to abduct innocent citizens. It is time for us to have at least hostages with which we can negotiate the return of our own people languishing in the torture camps of the oppressor. Tyrants understand nothing but the language of tyranny.

Some abduction of the perpetrators terrorizing our people would finally send the message we have been trying to send using peaceful methods to the regime in Yaoundé. Proof of this is the fact that they have negotiated with the terrorist group Boko Haram on several occasions. They spoke the language of tyranny, which the regime understands very well. Defense forces in Southern Cameroons have to learn that language fast if they want the oppressor to listen or dialogue. The Chairperson of The Southern Cameroons Governing Council said in is maiden speech to the people: “…it will not be business as usual.” Will October 1st be business as usual? No it won’t. A word to a wise is enough.

Ndoh Emmanuel

BaretaNews contributor

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