APNC Debate: IG’s ACORN Chairman Prof Carlson Ayangwe Weighs in



On the Ambazonia People’s National Convention scheduled to take place in USA, February 28th-March 3rd, 2019, Prof Carlson Ayangwe, the head of Interim Government Ambazonia Council For Reconciliation and Negotiations-ACORN weighs in: He writes:

The position I have is one of everlasting principle. Our people are free to think, speak, associate, meet, criticise, dissent and oppose. It is a matter of the exercise of basic human rights. No one, nobody, no organisation, no movement, and no government has the right to gag them and presume a right or a power or and ability to hound and shout them down. We often forget that this Struggle is born out of the exercise of the right of dissent, the right to differ, the to freedom of association, assembly, expression, opinion, the right to criticise and oppose and reject what we disagreed with.

It was one philosopher who said: I may not agree with you. But I will defend to the end your right to say what you have to say.

We must begin to learn to respect others and their humanity. We must not be afraid of divergent views. We must not be afraid of a plurality of views, no matter how conflicting. We should not be scared of opposition as if we have something to hide. Every government worth its salt should always welcome opposition. Opposition holds government accountable and spurs government to increased and better performance.

All the efforts at discrediting the APNC or vilifying persons who think differently are infantile and futile. I have not seen the agenda of the APNC. But I have heard some faceless individuals claiming that APNC is out to overthrow the IG. I have never heard of any thinking so simplistic. Even in the unlikely scenario that there is a hidden plot to remove incumbents from power, an appropriate response is not to become hysterical, evincing an unclean intention to cling to ‘power’ at all cost. The proper response would be to responsibly and methodically demonstrate why that agenda will be foolhardy. In that case the power of better argument will prevail.

Prof Carlson Ayangwe




  1. Sunshine

    January 23, 2019 at 8:08 PM

    Professor Carlson Anyangwe is humble and wise. We, Ambazonians, are blessed to have him in our midst. As Ambazonians, we must not stifle discourse. Everyone’s idea must be respected and weighed to find the best alternative. We cannot stop our brothers and sisters from speaking truth to power. If we can’t to do that, we become like biya, the tyrant in etudi who believes in brutality and has it that any person with a contrary view must be punished or killed as it is now in British Southern Cameroon. We must not only encourage civic participation by each of our citizens but give feed back on the best alternatives with facts.

  2. malis

    January 23, 2019 at 11:00 PM

    I’m just hoping that those of us who claim to want to exercise their right and look for
    solutions are also donating to help our refugees and restoration forces.

    A revolution does not need people who want to exercise their rights but people who can
    look at the suffering of their people and say please I can be of help here or there.

    The people of Ambazonia must always come first, not the rights of some of us in the diaspora who want to exercise their right. What about those on ground zero?

  3. Prince Joshua

    January 24, 2019 at 2:10 AM

    Even in a functional democracy, permission which is very likely to be granted is still requested. You cant just wake up and organise a conference without the blessing of the IG which happens to be the recognised government in place. If it is a right for “Ambazonians” to go about holding conferences etc, why then was the purpoted AAC by Cardinal Tumi amd Simon Munzu not supported? Are the lesser Ambazonians? We should start practicing what we preach otherwise we will end up in thesame or even a worse mess than when we were in the unholy relationship with LRC.

  4. Mukong

    January 24, 2019 at 5:05 AM

    Moreover, the Restoration forces are complaining of their inability to get enough groundnuts(grahnut,) yet each time one turns around, one is constantly being reminded of the need of some to organize conferences.

    • Coni man die coni man bury ee

      February 2, 2019 at 11:12 AM

      Listen to this one! All what is in your brain is just to take innocent lives away.

      Did Pa Ndeh teach you that? WARM SUN like you!

  5. Vincent mancho

    January 25, 2019 at 8:55 AM

    To prof.Ayangwe we can reconile but NotNot repeat not with any who will speak of Federation AGAIN you know we have suffered in the hands of france we are gone nev return back to slavery. I WAS IN BUEA WITH YOU AND YOU HAVE NEVER CHANGED LIKE MUNZU WHO WENT AND STOLE OUR DOCUMENTS FROM THE UNO.THE TWO WORDS.FEDRATION AND CENTRALISATION SHOULD NOT NOT EXIST IN ANY AGENDA.VINCENT MANCHO FROM THE FIRST CONFRENCE TO NOW. THANKS UNTIL WE REACH BUEA

    • Coni man die coni man bury ee

      February 2, 2019 at 11:08 AM

      Hear me this one! How has munzu changed? When Munzu was fighting for Anglos some of you were not even born.

      Listen, wata-wata head! When a warrior like Munzu, converted or not, tells you to calm down. Think twice before confronting him.

      Blind BATS!

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