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War Crimes Alert: Camerounese Soldiers Torture Medic, Destroy Health Centre in Ambazonia






A medical practitioner in Kake II Health Centre in Meme County, of the Federal Republic of Ambazonia, is presently battling between life and death, after seriously being tortured by soldiers of la Republique du Cameroun (LRC). The victim medic, was whisked off her hospital premises and manhandled, for treating civilians with gun wounds, suspected by colonialists to be wounded Ambazonian fighters.

She was tortured to near dead by the colonial soldiers, leaving her in a very critical condition. The colonial terrorists later came back and destroyed the health centre leaving the community medically helpless.

It is important to note that the colonial forces recently ordered all health personnel and institutions in Ambazonian territory to report any case of gun wound brought for treatment. From every indication, the nurses in health centres of the affected communities have not been obeying the colonial order.

The said nurse at the Kake II Health Centre was therefore accused of treating wounded restoration forces, when she offered her services to a civilian hospitalised with gunshot wounds in the health facility.

This genocidal act came after the frustrated colonialists vandalized a telecommunication antenna at Bai Panya in Meme Country, belonging to one of the telecommunication operators in the county. Their motive is obviously to obstruct telephone signals between restorations forces.

In conventional war practices, hospitals and health facilities are supposed to be buffer areas where the wounded on both sides can be treated of injuries sustained during the prosecution of such a war. However, that is not the case with Mr. Biya’s senseless war against the sovereign State of Ambazonia. Only his wounded colonial terrorists’ forces have access to Ambazonian health facilities.

Health centres or First Aid personnel caught offering medical services to; civilians injured in entrapped in crossfire between the two opposing forces or wounded restoration forces are destroyed or giving serious beatings respectively.

BaretaNews, continues to remind the international community of their responsibilities to investigate these war crimes coming out of Ambazonia. Southern Cameroonians did not declare war on anybody. Self-defence forces are simply defending themselves and their territory from an aggressor. The colonial regime of Mr. Biya is the aggressor here and they have the responsibility to respect intentional conventions in the execution of their so-called war. How could they beat up medical staff and destroy health facilities?

The colonial terrorists’ forces do not have the monopoly to commit war crimes. The fact that Ambazonian self-defence forces have been civil in their operations against the invaders, doesn’t mean they cannot also act beyond conventional norms.

James Agbor,

Political Analyst-BaretaNews



  1. homeboy

    April 10, 2018 at 5:33 PM

    no one will help you, stop talking about international community, fight like boko haram since you are of the same group. You claim your terrorists groups are acting in self defence, What has self defence got to do by asking CDC workers to abandon their jobs and go home or face the worst? Who is a terrorist here? Boko haram said any kid found in class will face the worst and you have taken the same ideology. Stand up and fight and stop pleading for help from the international community, today UN is fake, tomorrow you want UN to investigate war crimes. Please start looking for a job because donations will run out.

    • homeboy

      April 10, 2018 at 5:36 PM

      go ahead and kill or starve your own people to death. FOOOLS

      • homeboy

        April 10, 2018 at 6:41 PM

        copied from another forum ‘@ Mannorun 77. I think you are confusing yourself with the terrorists called Ambazonians and the majority of Anglophones who were protesting against marginalization supported by lots of Francophones. That protest was hijacked by the terrorists called Ambazonians. We the majority of anglophones want to revive our protest and this time it will be carried out in Yaounde with the support of our Francophone brothers and sisters like Bikutsi. Biya thought our protest was dead as a result of the distraction caused by the Ambazonia terrorism which was advantageous to him.’

        • Jojo

          April 11, 2018 at 3:47 AM

          Good copy. @Mannorum 77 is absolutely right, it’s very unfortunate that some of these so called leaders have taken this fight as their personnal business and money making.
          When the consortium was still operating and ruled by Barrister Balla everything was perfect, the whole country was sympathizing for the struggle. Then from nowhere came these selfish fellows called Milan, Sisikou Ayuk and others. They hijacked the consortium and formed another group called SCACUF, all but thieves and blood thirsty people.

          These people shouldn’t forget that Karma is a bitch. If I may ask where is your coconut head leader called Sisikou Ayuk and Co?

  2. George

    April 11, 2018 at 4:59 AM

    All war crimes are well noted. International bodies are going to be informed. The army of LRC cut the skin of this lady. Are they mad? The separation of the two Cameroons is unstoppable.

    Long live Ambazonia our beautiful homeland.

    • bamenda boy

      April 11, 2018 at 11:07 AM

      you are mad since 24 months ;no one speaks about this.

  3. Tambe

    April 20, 2018 at 2:08 PM

    You the so called Bamenda boy and jojo keeps on running your mouth time is gearing and getting nearer if you think the atrocities committed by ur LRP camerounaise armies and thinking they will get away it then u are dreaming. Just a matter time .this is 21st century.the only different is by the time judgement will come biya will not be around but all those giving the orders will pay for biya’s atrocities.just take a look at heussin abrei of chad, Egypt, Liberia, s.leon, etc. for now keep fooling urself that your LRP genocide on ambazonias will go free.

  4. Amba Freedom

    April 24, 2018 at 11:31 AM

    @jojo, @homeboy, what do you think they would do differently?
    Everything good that comes their way gets destroyed. FONADE is
    just one. It was transferred to Yaoundé and renamed as Credit
    Agricole? Where is it today?

    Read the long list of things they destroyed in Southern Cameroon.
    Be honest to yourself. I know what I know, you on the other hand pretend
    that it is just Biya? I say no. It is a cultural thing. Why are you
    forcing a relationship that does not exist. There is always mutual
    respect in a relationship, but in this case it is not. See the list
    of striving sectors in Southern Cameroon.


    Was a Hydro Electricity Dame located in Yoke Mutual that electrified the entire British Southern Cameroons. Was closed by La Republique Government after reunification.

    Was our English speaking Bank located in Buea. Was the biggest Bank in the two Cameroons. Operated under Barclays Bank UK standards in West Africa. Crumbled by Ahidjo and finally by Biya.

    Was the Cocoa and Coffee authority of British Southern Cameroons with the headquarters in Victoria (now Limbe). It provided English speaking farmers with details on situation of World market. It invested it’s reserves in the Cameroon Bank and employed young men by running football clubs. Completely scattered by La republique.

    Dutch culture implanted in Cameroon in English speaking Cameroon. Farmers had to work in Cooperative groups. Easy management, reforms and sponsorship. La Republique killed it.

    A well trained British Police Force that we inherited and was noted for it’s discipline. Ahidjo replaced them with a ruthless French Gendarmerie.
    The main hub was Tiko international airport. It transported CDC produce and also in charge with domestic AIRPORT. IT flights. It represented British Southern Cameroons values and was fast a growing airline in West Africa at that time. Closed down by La Republique.

    Was the Southern Cameroons identity of heavy duty machines readily available for council road maintenance and repairs. Their pride was also seen in football clubs; PWD Kumba and PWD Bamenda. Was the fastest road construction road construction and maintenance body growing in West Africa. I t was maliciously stifled by vicious elements of La Republique du Cameroun.

    Body of Trained Roving Agric experts who moved around, helping farmers by educating on farming methods. Headquarters was in the N.W. was ruined by La Republique du Cameroun.

    Created by Americans and was the best research center in West Africa. Was systematically Francophonized and now is no more.

    TIKO INTERNATIONAL Airport was indeed the fastest growing international airport in West and it hosted late Dr. Nwame Nkrumah of Ghana during his maiden official visit to British Southern Cameroons. Shut down by La Republique du Cameroun.

    It linked maritime transport between British Southern Cameroons via Nigeria to the entire West Africa. Was growing to the status of a seaport. Killed down by La Republique du Cameroun.

    Created through a British Southern Cameroons initiative to subsidize farmers both financially and materially. Was transferred to Yaounde by Ahmadinejad Ahidjo and the name changed to Credit Agricole and later destroyed by by the Francophones.

    Equipped with heavy industrial machines, it trained Southern Cameroonians to master and maintain their culture. Was killed by La Republic du Cameroun.
    George Pompadour (French President) alongside Sushi and Paul Paul Biya Mvondo decided to crumble our economy so as to make us beggers and slaves to La Republique du Cameroun for ever.

    CDC (Cameroon Development Corporation).
    Systematically been privatized to stakeholders by Biya’s Government.

    Has been francophonized. The account is used by Biya as his private account.

    What of festivities such as these;

    Empire Day
    Confidence Hotel Orchestra
    Bali Modern Jazz
    Lido Orchestra
    Chrystal Garden Orchestra
    Mountain Hotel Orchestra
    West Cameroon Hotels Ltd.

    These are enough reasons for Ambazonia to be left alone.

    @JOJO did you know all these or you really a paid troll?
    It is up to you to decide. I cannot change your mind.
    Keep at it, keep calling me and others terrorists because
    I want what is best for my off springs.

    Just look at Douala Airport. It’s a mess
    Sonel is a mess, no constant electricity.
    Look at the corruption? My God!!! Be true to yourself.

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