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Archbishop Nkea’s supposed confession: Our Freedom rest with US not THEM A Mark Bareta Notes



Archbishop Nkea’s supposed confession: Our Freedom rest with US not THEM A Mark Bareta Notes


Archbishop Nkea’s supposed confession is making rounds on social media on the truth about what happened in #Cameroon Grand National Dialogue. What he said is nothing new. This has been an old strategy of #Cameroon using sons and daughters from Ambazonia to torpedo the future of Ambazonia. The suppose and imaginary division between sons and daughters of what they call Northwest and Southwest is a solid Cameroun strategy to keep our future apart. But from 2016, WE THE PEOPLE from the 13 states of Ambazonia showed the so-called elites and Cameroun that this division and fear is the making of their imaginations and all politics to keep the North and South of Ambazonia apart.


This was why Cameroun was so angry and they could not imagine how citizens from the 13 states came out massively on 22nd September 2017 and October 1st, 2017, to celebrate until date. They could not imagine sons and daughters from the 13 states could pick up Dane guns to defend themselves and stood up to the so-called fear of the BIR. Until date they keep using our so-called elites to tear us apart. They forget to understand that all the polls conducted by their own allies have shown an overwhelmingly support for Ambazonia from the North to South.


Listen folks, no matter the betrayals of the enablers, no matter what the Fons and Chiefs do, no matter the changing of sides from folks like Capo, Foncha, Santos etc. who now speak of an upgraded special status, no matter the souls killed by Cameroun, what is stopping the complete restoration of our statehood and end of the revolution is our UNITY. Cameroun knows this, if we unite in shared purpose, we arm the ground more, we win the war very quickly. All the cards to a future Ambazonia lie with us.


Late Chief Mukete and all the enablers plus all those who fight against our freedom must understand that Ambazonia is God’s design and no matter how long it takes, we, our children shall walk in the land of milk and honey.


God bless Ambazonia


Mark B August 3rd, 2023

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