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Lebialem Hypocrites Plead For Ceasefire In Buea








Paul Tasong, one of Bangwa’s most wanted attitudinisers, continued his treacherous activities with the latest mobilisation of inconsequential ‘elites’ to preach Paul Biya’s rhetoric Living together.

Converging on Buea, Saturday June 9 2018, adorn with the most exquisite wines and dines, amidst the impoverishments and refugee status of those they claim to represent, these hypocrites took turns to pour salts to the already worst situation.

Premiering the series of rhetorical statements uttered by the agent provocateurs, was Paul Tasong, the CameroUnese slave, serving as Minster Delegate at the Ministry of Economy, Planning, and Regional Development. He told those who bothered to attend, that they should plead with the Ambazonian fighters to down their weapons so that dialogue can take place. He insinuated that the LRC government is ready to talk to the warring factions so it is left for those fighting, to heed to the call.

“The plights of the Lebialem man has been resonated at high frequency, with the battle going on in the division. It is therefore very imperative for those of our children who have picked arms, to down their tools so that (LRC) government can talk with them,” Paul Tason added.

Adding his voice to that of Tasong, was (Fon) Lekunze Andreas Nembo, of Bamumbu fondom, Wabane. Him, who has deserted his palace and now lives as a refugee in Yaounde, said the people of Lebialem must be grateful that they have a strong elitehood that advocate for the emancipation of the division from its topographical enclavement.

Though the meeting was organised to metaphorically gratify the suppression of the people of Ambazonia by the colonial regime, through motions of support, some of the attendees however, did not fall short of expatiating on the excesses of the colonial military.

“We shall be sinning against God and our consciences, if we don’t point out and condemn some of the outrageous activities carried out by the (colonial) military. We can’t have a group of people are supposed to take care of us, instead terrorise the population, and burn down their houses. What guts has the military, to burn the palace of the Fon of Azi? Aren’t those military excesses? Such thought-provoking activities have only radicalised the people, more and more,” Nkemngu Paul lamented.

It should be noted that prior to this meeting, the Fon of Fontem, HRM Fontem Asabaton Njifua, had led a delegation to the office of the colonial governor of Southern Zone, Bernard Okalia. The Fon lashed out at the military excesses especially in events that lead to the razing of his palace by CameroUn military.

By Lucas Muma,

Managing Editor – BaretaNews

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