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SCBC is Back On Air Amid Shutdown Rumours








The Southern Cameroons Broadcasting Corporation (SCBC), is back on air after days of blackout. The Ambazonian TV station based in South Africa, aired its first images at around 9:00pm Amba time, Tuesday February 6 2018.

The TV’s comeback quenches all riving rumours that the South African government has banned its operation and arrested its workers. Many had even gone to the extent of speculating that South Africa is working with Cameroon to extradite some Ambazonians in South Africa.

AMBA PERSPECTIVE: First TV programme aired

However, the return of the Voice of Ambazonia, debunk all the unfounded information. A press release signed by the team of SCBC had debunked the fake news even before the TV returned to broadcast,

“Contrary to popular opinion on Ground Zero that the South African Government in cahoots with the demonic government of LRC has shut down SCBC, The Voice of Ambazonia, I stand to refute such unfounded allegations. The South African government has done no such thing,” Kemita Ashu said


He went ahead state the reasons of the temporal shut down.

“Our Beloved SCBC will be back on air very soon. It’s temporarily off due to some technical problems emanating from the Satellite Company or Service provider. Work is being done to re-establish connection within the shortest time possible. Stay tuned for SCBC, The Voice of Ambazonia. Everything Ambazonia is rising to Fall No More,” Kemita Ashu concluded.

Fearless journalist and rights activist, Elie Smith, had twitted that SCBC will return to its live broadcast latest 10pm, Tuesday night.

“According to the management of SCBC, they could be back up and running by 10PM latest today,” Elie twitted.

It should be noted that SCBC is the most channel in Southern Cameroons. Even with the bans and threats exerted by LRC, the people of Southern Cameroons have braved the odds and installed their satellite dishes, and are religiously watching the TV channel.

Recently, LRC forces have been burning down houses of people who own a dish(es) in Southern and Northern Zones of Southern Cameroons. Yet, they people are committed to remaining steadfast, in following the struggle to the end.

By Lucas Muma,

Managing Editor – BaretaNews

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