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Mark Bareta Statement As UK Leaves The EU: AS BREXIT AS SCEXIT




In a few hours, the UK officially leaves the EU after three years of the referendum vote. They voted to leave the EU but they never left until their parliament had acted on it to make it law. The referendum was just an expression of the wish to leave. That is why it needed to be passed into law for it to be binding.
Just as the people of the UK, Southern Cameroonians voted on 11th February 1961 to join French Cameroun as two equal states. Our votes were just a wish and many things should have happened to make it binding. None of that happened including our Parliament in Buea never approved or acted on it. French Cameroun took over its military on 1st October 1961, crossed into British Southern Cameroons and occupied it. So yes even the short stay federation was never a federation. It was an illegality. It never existed

This is why the Southern Cameroons war of independence is the most legal and justified revolution in old and modern times and Britain, as well as the community of nations, know that we are right and just. An injustice was done to us.
The people of Southern Cameroons deserve justice. They have and continue to suffer untold barbarism. The UK only needed three years of internal politics to get Brexit done without a single life lost. In our case, thousands are gone and the French Cameroun Government continues to carry out unchecked genocide.

Britain has the responsibility to fix this mess. You are leaving the EU after more than 40 years of union. It’s time to fix what you spoiled.
As the UK leaves the EU to start another chapter of their political life, the people of the former British Southern Cameroons need to have their stolen cherished independence and it’s time the UK acts.

If the British people deserve Brexit, Southern Cameroons to deserve SCEXIT. Boris Johnson must now act.
Mark Bareta

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