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Wait For Official Government Communications: SED Authourities To Barrister Balla And Team









As news keep filtering largely from French and Camerounese media of the purported extradition of Southern Cameroons Ambazonia Leadership and others to Cameroun, Barrister Agbor Nkongho Felix has issued a short statement indicated that he met with Barrister Ben Muna and others to do a fact finding at SED, Yaounde. SED reportedly asked them to wait for an official announcement from Cameroun Colonial Government. However, BaretaNews awaits two press conferences this evening. One from the colonial Minister of Communications ISA Tchiroma and the other from the Ambazonia Restoration Secretary Of Communications Chris Anu over the crooked CRTV and restoration TV SCBC respectively. It is fair to say that while Southern Cameroonians are not believing what Yaounde will say at this hour, they are hopeful and anxious to listen to what the Communications Secretary Chris Anu will say at 7pm Amba time today.

Below is an except of Barrister Nkongho Statement Published on his official Facebook page.

“Meeting at the residence of Senior Barrister Bernard Muna, with Barrister Yolande Ngo Minyogog and Barrister Claude Assira, we discussed over reports of the extradition of Sisiku Ayuk Tabe and about 40 others arrested in Nigeria.

We visited the Gendamerie headquarters at SED, Yaounde for a fact find mission, to locate all persons reportedly extradited. Officials at SED said, we should wait for an official announcement from the government..”

—Agbor Nkongho
CENTRE for Human Rights and Democracy in Africa.


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