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United States’ Suspension of Military Aid to French Cameroun: The Case of a Hunter Becoming the Hunted?



United States’ Suspension of Military Aid to French Cameroun: The Case of a Hunter Becoming the Hunted?

The decision by the U.S government to cut millions in security and military aid to French Cameroun amidst the increasing genocide on Southern Cameroonians/Ambazonians by the colonial military is a highly welcomed gesture by the Ambazonian people.

US officials had yesterday announced the intension of the Trump administration to “terminate” over $17 million in security aid, including funds for radars, four defender-class patrol boats, nine armored vehicles, training programs for C-130 airplanes and helicopters and the withdrawal of an offer for Cameroon to be a candidate for the State Partnership Program. Also terminated is a planned US funded upgrade to a Cessna aircraft belonging to Cameroon’s elite Rapid Intervention Battalion has also been terminated.

This decision is coming on the hills of recent damming reports by different international human rights and Media organizations notably Amnesty International, BBC amongst others, accusing French Cameroun’s colonial forces of gross human rights violations not only in the ongoing war in the Southern Cameroons but also in the Far North Region of French Cameroun where the rogue regime has been tackling Boko Haram.

Following the declaration of a senseless war on the Sovereign people of Ambazonia by Mr. Biya on September 30, 2017, Southern Cameroonians in the diaspora and the U.S in particular have been protesting in the streets of Washington and in front of the White House against the atrocities in the homeland. They have also been lobbying the U.S Senate and Congressional Committees seeking the intervention of the US government to stop the genocide and abuses. The people therefore welcome this move of cutting military aid as the first step by the Donald Trump administration towards granting their request of a unilateral intervention in this occupational war against the innocent people Ambazonia.

The genocidal activities of Mr. Biya’s BIR through the summary execution of innocent citizens including women and children, brutal torture and the razing down of entire villages across Ambazonia and the French Cameroun are said to be the main trigger of U.S government’s decision. This is because US troops have been involved in offering professional advice and training in counter terrorism to this regiment of the colonial forces and so the US government cannot afford to see the resources offered to them being used against innocent masses.

The US Ambassador to French Cameroun, Peter Henry Barlerin had last May, accused colonial forces of conducting “targeted killings, detentions without access to legal support, family, or the Red Cross, and burning and looting of villages.” He had also gone ahead to warn the Yaoundé colonialists against using the military hardware donated by his government for the fight against Boko Haram, to fight the Ambazonian people.

However, the above warning certainly fell on deaf ears. The recent report and documentary by the Washington Post exposing the atrocities of the BIR against the Ambazonian people appeared to have been the last evidence the US officials were waiting for before they could act. This was also probably corroborated by the reckless utterances of the colonial Minister of State for Justice, Jean de Dieu Momo on national propaganda TV in which he justified Adolph Hitlers holocaust against the Jews and called on the regime to consider same action on his own people, the Bamilekes of French Cameroun. A statement that angered the Israeli government and was heavily condemned by its diplomatic mission in Yaoundé.

Of course, it is no news that the State of Israel is a very strong, strategic and dependable ally of the United State and Israel has also been instrumental in providing training and other military assistance to French Cameroun’s BIR. It will therefore not be surprising if this decision by the US government to cut military aid also has an Israeli government backing.

As Southern Cameroonians rejoice over this diplomatic victory against the colonial regime, some have mockingly referred to it as a case of the hunter becoming the hunted. This is because, agents of the colonial regime have often referred to Ambazonian revolutionaries in the United States as terrorists against the State of Cameroun who must be brought back home to face the law. Colonial Minister Paul Atanga Nji had even boasted that they (Ambazonian revolutionary leaders in the US and Europe) shall soon be brought back home in the same aircraft that brought home Sisiku Ayuk-Tabe and Co from Nigeria after they were kidnaped from Nera Hotel.

While these diaspora based Southern Cameroonians have been eagerly waiting to see how the colonial regime in tend to execute its threats in Europe and the US, it is rather the regime that is about to lose millions of its military aid from the US government as a result of its genocidal war on armless masses. Southern Cameroonians have therefore joined Amnesty International in calling for the total suspension of all US aid (military and nonmilitary) to French Cameroon until when the colonial regime finds it necessary to stop the genocide, its gross human rights abuses and negotiate with the sovereign people of Ambazonia to end the unjustified war.

James Agbor
BaretaNews Political Analyst

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