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I Cannot Answer Midnight Call- John Fru Ndi




The National Chairman of the Social Democratic Front, SDF, Ni John Fru Ndi, paid a courtesy visit to the Post Newspaper on Monday, August 29, 2016. During his visit, while addressing staff and interns at the Post office in Ntarinkon, Fru NDi declares that only credible journalists and politicians who are ready to die for the truth can liberate Cameroon from the junta in place.

However, Fru Ndi went on to lambast Journalists who rushed to publish stories without investigating. Hear him “My problem in Cameroon and the journalists is that they do not investigate most of their stories before they broadcast or publish them. How can a journalist wake me up at 11:30 pm with a phone call simply because he has my number, shouting, ‘oh Fru Ndi, can you clear the air on this or that topic because we are going to press now?’No iota of respect, because you are taking your paper to press, Fru Ndi must not sleep- The Post Newspaper reported.

Fru continued “So, my young people, grow in the light of The Post, whose bosses are molding you. I am proud to say that during the last Council elections, the SDF saw good leadership qualities in your Publisher/Executive Editor, Francis Wache, and elected him Mayor of Nkor.”

Fru Ndi explained that before the formation of the SDF on May 26, 1990, Cameroon had experienced a one-party rule which included intimidation and molestation of citizens.According to him, the forces of law and order believed that they had the law in their pockets and the common citizens were ignorant, thereby enduring a lot of maltreatment; “that is what motivated me to fight for multi-party politics in order to grant the people’s freedom.” He said he believed that freeing the masses from brutalisation was more important than the fear of dying in the course- The Post Newspaper stated.

Fru Ndi however, regretted that the ‘android generation’ youths have sold their consciences and integrity. “When it is election period they sell votes for peanuts not worth it,” the SDF Chair said.

God is still saying something.

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