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Cameroun Government Announces Public Service Recruitment



The Cameroun Government through the Ministry of Public Service and Administrative Reforms has issued a public statement announcing the recruitment of young Cameroonians to serve in seven different fields of work.

The employment fields include Social affairs, Water and Forestry, Finance and Store accounting, Post and Telecommunications, Rural Production, Public Health and Industrial Technique.

Details of this information are available at the Ministry of Public Service and Administrative reforms as well as the different Regional Delegations of the Ministry- CRTV noted

BaretaNews recalls that the government of Cameroon frequently organises recruitment into public institutions. The last major one was the 25.000 job. How those recruited were faring after that, it is still left to be seen. Some are doing well, others have been finding it difficult. The Cameroun government is the largest employer in the Cameroons. We do not think that this should be the case. The government needs to liberalise the economy, cut corruption, cut off bureaucracy, make it easier for the business and private sector to flourish, churns out tax breaks and incentives. These will all help the economy to grow and jobs will be created. We imagine thousands of Cameroonians who will throng these delegations wanting to be recruited. The ministers already have their list etc. Though it is a laudable initiative but we of BaretaNews thinks it is not a good economic practice.

God is still saying something.

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