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Ambazonians Are Spartans, They Never Die: They live On



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Ambazonians Are Spartans, They Never Die: They live On

let us be aware that, it is war. When a soldier falls no matter the circumstances, the remaining ones must pick up from there and marshal on. It was never going to be easy. 56 years of pain and torture under La Republique barbarism still rings in our heads. It may look red, but it is always blue and white. The Spartans never die. They live on in various ways. The passing away of great General Amigo shall rekindle the light in the great Kom Fondom and set a pace setter for great things to come. Many of us are disappointed, some of us slight into a very painful corner, but it is not over yet

We stand today with the people of Kom. Ambazonia stand with the Kom land. We hope that sooner than later, let the death of General Amigo spring out a new beginning of forgiveness, love, tolerance, unity, strong covalent bonds amongst ground zero units etc. It will be good again.

Yes, we never said it was going to be easy. It is our first major revolution. Despite the pain, we can get above it. Today, I was in so much pain, I cried, I wept. I asked God to take the cup away from me. So many things went through my head. I hit my head on the walls of my home, hit my legs on chairs to send out that anger and frustration in me, but something keeps ringing in my head: YOU WILL LIVE TO FIGHT ANOTHER DAY IF YOU EVEN DARE TO RELAX.

Let’s do this for our children, let’s do it for our unborn children, let’s do it for all self defense forces who have sacrificed for us, let’s do this for the pain and suffering of our people, let’s do this for mother Ambazonia. It is time to stop any blame games and ask: WHAT NEXT?

There is no turning back therefore. The body might be weak, but our souls remain blue and white. It shall remain blue and white until independence. Our blood runs blue and white. We will mourn, cry, lay blame but Ambazonia shall remain.
For those chewing gum and popping wine, you will have to wait again, Ambazonia has come to stay. The revolution is bigger than us all.

But it is truly time for retrospection from everyone, leadership, activists, citizens. We must continue to ask ourselves: What can I do to make this revolution better? What am I doing that stops it from going forward? How can I contribute in uniting ground zero forces? Activists have a great role to play here, if we cannot act as catalyst to build unity and confidence in our revolution then lets not destroy it by our actions, words and/or propaganda.

Our leadership most especially must go into deep reflection and think this out. This is so because reactions from citizens and social media are a product of the conduct of our leadership. Once leadership is strong and unified, citizens follow suit. It is time to drop all grievances, all egos, all hard lines and come on the same table for a common purpose. I have already made some proposals to the IG and all groups of what I think could get us out of here. I hope they look into it.

While doing so, we must put ourselves in the shoes of those back home and do what is best for our people

RIP General Amigo.
RIP All dead Self Defense Forces
RIP All those Killed by LRC

Long Live Ambazonia.
Short Live The Revolution

Mark Bareta

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