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UNHCR, Nigeria Resettles Southern Cameroons Refugees in Cross River State



Southern Cameroons Refugees in Nigeria

UNHCR, Nigeria Resettles Southern Cameroons Refugees in Cross River State

Over 200 Southern Cameroons refugees in Ikom, Nigeria were on Monday September 3, 2018 resettled by the UNHCR in collaboration with the Federal Government of Nigeria and the Government of Cross River State. The refugees were transported in 60 buses from Ikom to the Agadom resettlement site, located in Ogoja Local Government, far away from the border between Ambazonia and Nigeria.

The resettlement of the refugees brought some mixed feelings among the refugees and concerned Ambazonians. While some are concern about the security of the refugees in the new site, arguing that the UNHCR failed to carry them along in the planning process, others think that the resettlement process is even coming a bit late, considering the dangers they have been exposed to, by staying just a few kilometers from the border of the country where they are running from thereby exposing them to constant attacks from the terrorist forces from Yaoundé.

According to the UNHCR, the security of the refugees is their number one concern and it is their laid down procedure that refugee camps be located at least 100 kilometers from the border of the country where the said refugees are running from. Resettling the refugees according to the UNHCR, will bring in sanity among the refugee community, especially as some of them have become involved in some social vices in Nigeria. It will therefore be an opportunity for them to reassert themselves and begin a productive life like some of their fellow refugees who are already engaged in productive activities in terms of education and training.

While the resettlement of the Ikom refugees was taking place, officials of the Cross Rivers State Emergency Management Agency (SEMA) visited the refugee community in Agborkim Waterfall to inform them of the plans by the UNHCR to also resettle them in to Ogoja after the registration exercise which is to have taken place yesterday September 5, 2018.

Ambazonians through the Interim Governments Department of Health and Social Services, the Makongo Family Charity, among other frontline organizations have been making efforts to support the efforts of the UNHCR and the Nigerian government authorities. The Department of Health and Social Services of the IG has therefore continued to call on people of good will and Ambazonians globally to support its efforts in assisting the refugees in areas of need where the UNHCR cannot provide.

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