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Uncertainty Clouds Kumba as Bike Riders Navigate Colonial Regime Saga




Uncertainty Clouds Kumba as Bike Riders Navigate Colonial Regime Saga

By Mbah Godlove

In the heart of Kumba, Meme county, a palpable tension has descended upon the bike riders’ community, dividing its members over their stance on the French Cameroun officials and the ongoing saga surrounding ghost town operations. Reports reaching BN reveal a deep-seated conflict, exacerbated by the recent seizure of more than 500 bikes by colonial soldiers earlier this week.

The root cause of this rift lies in the discontent of the regime with the bikers’ unwavering commitment to upholding the Monday ghost town tradition. In response to what the authorities deemed disobedience, a punitive measure was implemented, leading to the confiscation of hundreds of bikes. Those who opted not to heed the call to violate the public holiday and ply the streets of Kumba faced the brunt of this forceful action.

Monday witnessed a wave of bike seizures by the regime, coercing some riders into a difficult choice—either work on Mondays or risk having their bikes seized as well. This coercive strategy has left the biking community grappling with a dilemma, torn between aligning with the Ambazonia fighters or collaborating with the oppressive regime.

In response to these developments, front-line leaders expressed their strong stance against those who chose to collaborate with the oppressor. They emphasized that those aligning with the regime were doing so at their own peril, as the wrath of freedom fighters would spare no one. The uncertainty hovering over Kumba reflects the larger struggle for autonomy and the complex choices faced by individuals caught in the crossfire of conflicting allegiances. As the situation unfolds, the biking community in Kumba finds itself at the intersection of political unrest and personal convictions, navigating a precarious path fraught with risks and uncertainties.

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