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Ultimatum to Lawmakers in Yaoundé Expires, as Biya’s Minister Sympathizes with Ambazonians



Ambazonian War of Independence

Ultimatum to Lawmakers in Yaoundé Expires, as Biya’s Minister Sympathizes with Ambazonians

The ultimatum issued by Restoration forces to Parliamentarians of Ambazonian descent in the colonial Yaoundé expired on Saturday 21st July, 2018. All Parliamentarians and Senator that hail from Ambazonia had been given exactly 7 days from July 14 2018 to present their official resignation letters to the press and then wait for an official program to convene in Buea to start the Ambazonian House of Assembly under our protection.

The ultimatum expired on Saturday 21st but so far, none of the so-called Lawmakers have taken any decision closer to resignation, apart from Hon. Wirba Joseph who remains the hero Parliamentarian to have pulled out from the rubber stamp assembly long time ago. It is now clear that the so parliamentarians are ready for any consequence from the Ambazonian restoration forces.

The Parliamentarian for Batibo, Momo County, Hon. Joseph Mbah Ndam who had last year pranked the Ambazonian public and his constituents on his resignation from the Parliament returned home to a deserted constituency, as denizens have all ran into nearby bushes, as geocidal atrocities of the colonial military heighten. Instead of Hon. Joseph Mbah Ndam to pay a solidarity visit to his people in the bushes and listen to their plight, he chose to returned to the foreign country where he claims to be representing the people.

With the expiration of the ultimatum issued by Restoration forces, the Ambazonian public now awaits what will befall the stubborn parliamentarians whose pockets are more important to them than the interest of the people they claim to represent. But one thing is certain, it will not be business as usual for any Ambazonian enabler of the colonial regime.

In the main time, an unnamed Ambazonian Minister within the colonial government wrote a sympathetic confidential letter to the Ambazonian people through Comrade John Mbah Akuro, Acting President of the Consortium. In the letter, he revealed the confusion in which they find themselves as Ambazonians within the colonial government, and some of the evil machinations of the colonial regime to spoil the revolutionary movement. The letter was written on the 14th July 2018 and presented to the public through a video by John Mbah a few days back. Some of the revelations in that letter are already happening within the revolution.

In the letter, the Minister paints a true picture of the Anglophone problem, from the Biya point of view and the stance of top Anglophone elected and appointed officials with regards to the problem and Biyas secret strategy to hoodwink Ambazonians, the threats that Ambazonians in the colonial government face and the evil schemes that shroud the so call emergency humanitarian plan. The objective of the letter according to him is to warn Ambazonians as to what lies ahead in this revolutionary movement.

BaretaNews shall in the subsequent publication present worded highlights of the said letter.


James Agbor

BaretaNews Political Analyst

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