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Eseka Victims Sue Bolloré



BaretaNews have learned that a group of lawyers based in Douala representing some group of families who lost loved ones in the recent Eseka train victims have started legal proceedings against Bolloré Railways, the majority shareholder of the Cameroon Railway Company, Camrail.

The complaint was recorded on November the 2nd, 2016 at Eseka. Lawyers representing the families stated in their filing that the train derailment that occurred on October 21st drama was caused by a technical failure. However, it should be noted that the presidential commission created to investigate the unfortunate incident is still ongoing.

The groups of lawyers defending the families have also issued a statement saying a similar action could be taken before French courts. Cameroon government revealed that the train crash claimed the lives of 79 people. Independent sources have, however, contested the figure and denounced the pro-government commission appointed by President Biya which secretly agreed to vindicate transport minister, Edgar Alain Mebo Ngo’o- Cameroon Intelligence report stated.

God is still saying something.

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