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Total Boycott of Dangerous School Resumption in Ambazonia: Ghost towns Welcome Colonial Enablers



mass murder scheme in ambazonia

Total Boycott of Dangerous School Resumption in Ambazonia: Ghost towns Welcome Colonial Enablers

By Mbah Godlove.

Monday, June 1 has entered into history books as yet another day that Ambazonians have told French Cameroun that they want their freedom or nothing.

Despite all fraudulent measures put in to cause Ambazonian parents to send children to school, ghost town operations crescendo across all 13 Counties that make up the territory.

For over four years, academic institutions have remained closed due to the ongoing war declared by the colonial regime on Ambazonia, labelling its front line leaders as terrorists.

French Cameroun officials, according to a BN source in Yaounde, thought they would use the Covid-19 crisis to divert the minds of Ambazonians to abandon their course for independence and allow for an effective reopening of schools.

Monday’s deadlock means the Biya led government of occupation had recorded yet another blunder.

In an Editorial titled School Resumption in Ambazonia, a Cause for Concern, BaretaNews entreated Ambazonian parents not to yield to calls from the colonial administration to send children to La Republique du Cameroun run schools at a time when the country’s Coronavirus cases are increasing at a geometric rate.

The Government ordered the closure of schools two months ago to contain the deadly pandemic but paradoxically reopened when the infection rate is skyrocketing.

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