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The Fon of Kom in a typical manner has ignored La Republique Army General Meka who recently made a trip to Belo. Nationalist Chris Bogam details Meka’s visit on how the Kom Fon refused meeting the La Republic General at the designated area he gave instructions. The General was forced to move to the Fon. The General on meeting the Fon queried him why many of his soldiers are dying within the Kom Fondom. The Fon went on to ask the General whether they had an agreement before soldiers invaded his Fondom, refusing to collect the money offered him. Bogam narrates the details herein.



Two days ago, the Chief colonial terrorist GENERAL CLAUD MEKA with an entourage of 14 state cars arrived Bamenda and constituted a high profile delegation to visit Boyo. The delegation that was put in place by the Regional Commander made a stop over in BELO where the head of the delegation insisted that the paramount Fon of Kom FOYN NDZI must come and meet him in BELO for a colloquial. The Foyn(Fon) after been briefed, made it crystal clear that he can NOT leave the palace for whatever reason.

The delegation left for LAIKOM(Fon’s Palace) through Fundong. Upon arrival, the colonial terrorists told the FOYN of KOM “My soldiers are dying like fowls in your land and l want to know why”?

FOYN NDZI in a classic manner responded “Your soldiers in my land? In which terms did we agree before your soldiers invaded my land, slaughtering my people like fowls? I will only speak out on ituh – kedjem”.(ituh-kedjem is a day in the Kom traditional calender when the Foyn makes official outings to play host to any audience if need be)

The FOYN told them to leave his palace that he is still mourning his people who have been slaughtered by the colonial regime of Bi Mvondo, he turned down any attrmpt to bribe him with the huge sums of money brought from Yaounde and refused even welcoming them. He made it clear that He won’t even go out to AYISÎ -A- NTOH(where the foyn usually grants audience to guests). His refusal to give a listening ear meant the delegation left ilaikom(Fon’s palace) aparently like a poor chick that has been beaten by heavy rains.


Wisdom is power they say. FOYN NDZI has displayed high level wisdom in ruling his people, no doubt he is highly rated and loved by the entire KOM DENIZENS.Lest we forget, KOM REMAINS THE ONLY FONDOM TO HAVE SUCCESSFULLY RESISTED AND DEFEATED THE GERMANS DURING THE GERMAN COLONIAL CONQUEST AND PENENTRATION. Kom Fondom is equally unique for its prestigious Afo-A-kom which was stolen, sold to the whitemen, taken to America and we are told that due to its strange activities and the fact that it caused all artifacts to bow while it stood tall within their midst. The Afo-a-Kom was hurriedly returned to Kom in the 80s.


Let all colonial terrorist forces who have participated in the killing of any Ambazonian confess, apologize and resign from their job. The spirit of those innocent unarmed Ambazonians you slaughtered, stapped, shot will continue to hunt you if you refuse to listen to reason and resign.

God bless Ambaland, Longlive Ambaland, shortlive the Revolution.

Chris Bongam, Nationalist and a Nation Builder, 13:50 pm Amba Time, 14/04/2018

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