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University of Buea Senate Plays Politics with Ekema Patrick’s Fake Certificates Saga







University of Buea Senate Plays Politics with Ekema Patrick’s Fake Certificates Saga

Several months after the fake Certificates scandal involving the colonial mayor of Buea, Ekema Patrick Esunge, the University of Buea Senate is still to take decisive action against the mayor and his two university degrees to save the image and credibility of the university Buea and her certifications.

Following a census of the over bloated support staff payroll of the University of Buea some months ago, the Mayor, who was also a support staff of the institution and had risen to the rank of a Faculty Officer in the Faculty of Education, had hurriedly resigned from his position after his ordinary and Advanced Level Certificates, which he used to gain employment and admissions into the University were discovered to have been faked.

The Registrar of the G.C.E Board, Dr. Ekema Humphrey Monono, had made public the O/A level results of the Mayor upon a request by the Chairman of the National Human Rights Commission for South West Region, Barrister Tambe Tiku, on the need to clear the air on a scandal involving such a public and political personality. The results showed that Mayor Ekema attempted the O/A levels several times and failed woefully. The implication of this scandalous revelations is that the admissions granted the Mayor into the University of Buea for the BA and MA degree programs in History were highly questionable. A development that led UB students, Alumni and other necessary stakeholders to mount pressure on the authorities to investigate the scandal and take decisive actions to protect the credibility of the University and her Certificates.

In his first week in office, the Vice Chancellor of the University of Buea, Professor Horace Ngomo Manga, had set up an investigative panel made up of some of the Deputy Vice Chancellors, Registrar and some other persons. The mandate of the panel was to investigate the fake certificates scandal, how the mayor was able to gain employment and admissions into the University with the allege fake certificates. From what BaretaNews knows, the mayor, Mr. Ekema Patrick had confessed to his close friends and confidants that he is guilty the crime of falsification of O/A levels, but turned down an invitation to appear before the investigative panel to defend himself. The panel had long concluded its findings and made recommendations to the University Senate, one of which include the withdrawal of the BA and MA degrees the university has awarded him.

Lugubriously, in a typical RDPC style of political mafia, the University of Buea Senate last week, advanced its attempts to completely kill and cover-up the fake Certificates scandal, which has become a serious threat to the global credibility of University of Buea degree Certificates. Members of the University Senate were all excited to see the matter on the agenda of last week Senate session, as the report of the investigative panel was highly expected to be laid before the Senate and actions taken in relation to its content. When it was time to address the matter on the agenda, the Deputy Vice Chancellor in charge of Teaching and Professionalization, Professor Blais Mokoko, informed the Senate that the matter of Mayor Ekema’s fake Certificates is still under investigation and there was need to give the investigative panel more time to complete its work. The question we now ask here is; For how long will such an investigation with already available clean evidence and records last? To show that it was a well planned and agreed mafia, the matter was hurriedly overruled from the agenda leaving those who did not understand the monkey business going on to wonder in confusion.

It is the duty of Baretanews, the Peoples Platform to remind the authorities of the University of Buea that, this issue should be handled and treated squarely and expeditiously out of the confines of political maneuvering and corruption. This is now a global scandal and the credibility of the degree Certificates of thousands of UB graduates all over the world is at stake. The politicisation of higher education in Southern Cameroons, emanating from the colonial administrative practices in La Republique du Cameroon shall no longer be entertained. We should be able to build and separate our university system from political jaywalking and jiggery-pokery.

James Agbor

BaretaNews Political News Analyst

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