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Tibor Nagy Lampoon’s Atanga Nji for Derogatory Statement About NGOs



Tibor Nagy Lampoon’s Atanga Nji for Derogatory Statement About NGOs

By Mbah Godlove

The US Under Secretary of State for African Affairs, Tibor Nagy has castigated French Cameroun’s Interior Minister for accusing Non Governmental Organisations NGOs of collaboration with Ambazonian Fighters.

According to the Colonial Minister, Paul Atanga Nji some local NGOs, amongst them the Aya International Foundation have been facilitating the actions of Pro-indepedence fighters against the dictator Biya led rigeme .

The slave boy indicted the organisations for providing the Restoration Fighters with arms to sustain the war wage on them by French Cameroun.

Responding to the remarks of Paul Atanga Nji, Tibor Nagy revealed that the local Non Governmental Organisations have rather been playing a vital role in providing humanitarian aid to Ambazonians trapped in the on going war of independence which is nearing its fourth year

The US diplomat lamented the fact that Atanga Nji miss construed the good works of NGOs and labeled them as enemies of the state.

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