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National Dialogue Must Satisfy The Aspirations Of Anglophones -SDF



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National Dialogue Must Satisfy The Aspirations Of Anglophones -SDF

By Mbah Godlove

Officials of the Social Democratic Front (SDF) have told the colonial regime of French Cameroun that its unilaterally declared dialogue will only be meaningful if it gratifies the desires of Southern Cameroonians. In a communique revealed shortly after a meeting with the colonial Prime Minister, Dion Ngute, on September 12, officials of the party outlined their position in the upcoming dialogue.

According to them,
“There must be structured openings to discuss the form of the state”.

“The inclusive dialogue should be chaired by a neutral personality,” they added.

The party’s leaders equally proposed that the national dialogue must focus on the root cause of the Anglophone problem.

Another point tabled to Dion Ngute was that, the barbaric military of LRC should be far off the negotiation grounds.

“The military cannot be be part of a national inclusive dialogue, which is essentially political,” they stated.

Meantime, the SDF delegation remained steadfast that the dialogue should be mediated by a neutral body such as Germany, Britain and USA.

However, the opposition politicians were happy to learn from the regime’s PM that international organizations like the United Nations, African Union and Commonwealth had indicated interest to take part in the dialogue.

Earlier this week, the old dictatorial President of LRC declared that, what he termed a “national” dialogue will be held to resolve a deadly crisis between Ambazonians and La Republique du Cameroun.

Ambazonian leaders in the diaspora such as Chris Anu and Cho Ayaba, responding to the colonizer’s address, described it as a “non-starter”.

They unequivocally revealed that their determination to restore the statehood of Ambazonia will not be perturbed by any anyone; not even when their leaders and citizens are still detained in Biya’s kangaroo detention centers.

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