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French Cameroon Military Abducts Medical Doctor In Fundong



LRC Military Abducts Medical Doctor In Fundong

By Mbah Godlove

A medical Doctor has been abducted in Fundong local government area.

Roland Fonkwah, BaretaNews learned, was whisked away recently by the occupational forces of dictator Paul Biya.

Doctor Fonkwah, before his abduction was serving at the Aduck Health Center in Fundong, Ambazonian’s Northern Zone.

According to social media sources, he is believed to have been detained at the Fundong Gendarmerie Brigade after holding a meeting in Bamenda aimed at strategizing on ways to combat the Coronavirus Pandemic.

“The Gendarmes suspected him of being an Amba fighter because they saw some photos in his phone which he had taken with Amba fighters,” family members told MMI, an online news site.

“When he was coming back, he bought some medicine for the Health Centre, but the gendarmes said he wanted to go and treat Amba fighters,” they added.

Sources say security officials ordered the disgruntled family members to go to Yaounde where it is believed Roland Fonkwah might have been ferried to.

He is a civil servant in the Biya regime, BN has learned.

This is not the first time Biya’s forces are clamping down on health workers. They have killed nurses and burnt down health facilities in Kumba and Muyuka.

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Sunshine

    March 17, 2020 at 5:35 AM


    While biya and french cameroon will be fighting one war – the corona virus, the Southern Cameroons – Ambazonians shall be fighting two wars – biya’s elite forces BIR plundering Ambazonia and the scourge of the corona virus. biya is bent to wipe us out before the corona virus inflicts its own harm. The plight of Ambazonia is even heavier given the fact that those remaining are either displaced, exiled, imprisoned, raped, or live in the forrest as the elite BIR continue to hunt them down and burn our villages. Ambazonians are going through the most horrible period in their history. biya is happy that he can wipe off the people of Ambazonia with the help of France and the UN. My only encouragement to Southern Cameroonians is not to be discouraged and thankful that God in HIS GOODNESS will sustain Southern Cameroon remnants AFTER ALL by HIS GRACE.

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