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French Cameroun Havoc In Bangolan Leaves Ambazonians Miserable



French Cameroun Havoc In Bangolan Leaves Ambazonians Miserable

By Mbah Godlove

Several denizens of Bangolan, a locality in Babessi LGA, Ngoketunjia County of Ambazonia’s Nothern Zone are in fear and consternation following La Republique du Cameroun military excesses.

Earlier on Saturday, over 500 elements of French Cameroun’s forces of occupation invaded Babessi, a neighboring village to Bangolan where the attack was later extended to.

This tragic incident forced everyone in the town to run to nearby bushes, except the elderly, persons with disabilities and children whom the military killed some of.

According to BN sources, at least two innocent Ambazonian citizens were gruesomely killed with not less than 16 houses burned to ashes.

“My 14 year-old nephew who stayed behind to take care of our grand mother was taken away last evening of March 16, 2020, by the soldiers and this morning [Tuesday March 17], only his lifeless body has been found,” a source furthered.

This is not the first time La Republique du Cameroun’s forces are killing innocent civilians of Southern Cameroons since the inception of the Ambazonian war of independence in 2017.

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