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Ambazonians In LRC Military Awake From Slumber: Promise Biya Damnation



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Ambazonians In LRC Military Awake From Slumber: Promise Biya Damnation

By Mbah Godlove

Southern Cameroonians serving in the brutal colonial armed forces of dictator Paul Biya have revealed they would take decisions that might have devastating effects on his regime, if he fails to genuinely and completely grant the wishes of wailing Ambazonians.

According to a soldier whom Mimi Mefo Info has named as Henry, for fear of being squashed by his French-speaking majority colleagues, Ambazonians serving in the Biya-headed military are in a bondage they would no longer support to remain in.

Since 2017 when the 87 year-old ailing ruler waged war on Southern Cameroonians, brave and patriotic Ambazonian forces who are determined to protect and restore their stolen territory have, in deadly clashes, equally claimed the lives of their “brothers” who have deceitfully chosen the side of the oppressor.

The supposed Henry revealed that himself and other sellout terrorist colleagues are in a dilemma of either to join Ambazonian fighters or defect from the colonial military forces.

He also told the news outlet that, “in the military, all examinations are written in the French language. Our [La Republique du Cameroun’s] military law book is also in French”.

He says owing to ill treatment from their French-speaking colleagues, coupled with fake accusations that they are sympathizing with the thousand of Ambazonians whom they have killed, friends and relatives have advised them to defect from the France-sponsored terrorists.

The man in his thirties claimed that they need their own training school where we can learn their animations better.

“Our [French Cameroun] military rule book should be written in English too,” he furthered. He vowed that if Biya can not solve the Anglophones problem he will personally leave them due to their inhumane treatment of Ambazonian citizens.

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