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Paul Atanga Nji Dares Pro-independence Fighters: Says Elections Must Hold



Paul Atanga Nji Dares Pro-independence Fighters: Says Elections Must Hold

By Mbah Godlove

French Cameroun’s Interior Minister, Paul Atanga Nji says the council and parliamentary elections must take place all over the country including Ambazonia.

The colonial slave made the statement in Yaounde on Monday, January 13 on the sidelines of an ongoing two-day-long Governors’ conference.

He revealed that dictator Paul Biya had promised to put in place the required security that would allow for a hitch-free voting exercise on February 09, 2020.

Meantime, Northern Zone’s colonial Governor, Adolphe Lele Lafrique claimed that administrative and military actions have been put in place to ensure that electorates exercise what he called their civil rights.

To his counterpart of the Southern Zone, Bernard Okalaï Bilai, all is set for the dubious local elections.

Despite all the window-dressing media outings made by the colonial regime to give the impression that they are in control of Ambazonia, pro-independence fighters have promised damnation to anyone who dares step foot on Ambazonia in the name of parliamentary and municipal elections.

They have entreated Southern Cameroonians to meticulously respect a five-day lockdown which is due to commence from February 7 to February 12 this year.

The aim of the lockdown, the fighters say, is to frustrate any attempt by La Republique du Cameroun to import ghost voters into Ambazonia.

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