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Commercial Bike Riders Mock Colonial Governor’s Curfew








Commercial motorbike riser in some villages, towns and cities in the Southern zone of Southern Cameroons, have made a mockery of the colonial measures imposed last Friday 10, 2017 by Bernard Okalia Bilai.

In areas such as Menji, Essoh Attah, Ekombe, Bole, Kwa-kwa in Lebialem and Meme Counties, bike riders go on their daily operations 24/7 unperturbed. Other bike riders in Limbe, Tiko, Buea, Mundemba, Tinto, Nguti, Konye and others, also kicked aside the new measures and continued business as usual.

In an exclusive phone interview with BaretaNews, the bike riders say the colonial administrator should back the news security measures with financial pay package. They slammed the governor and his cohorts for living in affluence and then impoverishing the already poor people.

“We basically live and feed from this business. Most of our client return from either the market, farms, or job side as from 6pm to 10pm. Why would someone sit in Buea in affluence and just make sweeping decision that does not cover the financial insurance of the local people? We shall continue to work until the governor brings us money alongside this sanction,” Ebako Manfred, a bike rider in Konye said.

Other bike riders indicated that motorcycle is the only means of transportation in the area. According to them, the governor’s ban will leave many stranded.

“From Dschang to Essoh Attah is about 20Km, intertwine with very rugged road. So far, we use only bikes to transport people from one place to the other. So the ban imposed by Bernard Okalia is null and void in this area. We shall continue to work in peace and serenity without any interference from whosoever,” Conrad Atem, a bike rider in Lebialem said.

Meantime, the colonial forces of la republique has continuously been harassing people from 8pm. They invade drinking parlours, community groups, passer-by, and even drivers, demanding identification. The colonial forces use all means to extort money from denizens. Motorbike riders have vowed never to transport men in Camerounese uniform.

By Lucas Muma

Managing Editor – BaretaNews

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