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Nigeria Senate Probes Into Growing Torture At Border with Cameroon






Nigeria Senate has begun investigations into the violent clashes between Cameroon security forces and citizens that has led to the fleeing of many into Nigeria. According to the senate, such action has resulted in loss of lives and properties of innocent Nigerians, also threatening border security.

The Senate ordered Police Affairs and National Security  to probe into the issue, Monday November 20 2017, after  a point of order raised by Senator John Enoh, APC, Cross River Central, illustrated the gravity of the problem riving in the border between Nigeria and Cameroon.

According to Enoh, it was the duty of the Nigerian government to protect its citizens from internal and external aggression, lamenting that the affected people from his political jurisdiction had been abandoned to face operations from the Cameroonian military aggressors.

Senator John Enoh speaks as senate listens

“I rise to call attention to a very dire and serious security situation that is occurring in my senatorial district with Cameroonians from the Southwestern region migrating to my constituencies’ very large numbers. Security forces from Cameroon even disrespect our territorial integrity and migrate to my area to arrest Cameroonians who come to seek for refuge. This crisis has taken international dimension: The porous nature of our borders, especially at that particular axis, is a great concern,” Senator John Enoh lambasted

The Senator called on the senate house to create a commission of inquiry that will end the stalemate going on in his constituency.

“The main reason why government exists is to protect people’s lives and property; I therefore, call on Nigerian authorities to increase security presence because there is still rising tension in that part of the country,” Senator John Enoh added

The lawmaker also urged the various arms of security agencies to see how much help they could provide to ensure that the migrated people of Southern Cameroons were protected.

In his remarks, Senate President, Bukola Saraki, who presided, noted that it was the responsibility of government to provide adequate security at the borders and also ensure safety and security of the citizenry and refugees in the country. He referred the matter to the Committees on Police Affairs and National Security, mandating them to carry out a thorough job on the reported border conflict and report back to the Senate for further legislative action.
By Lucas Muma

Managing Editor – BaretaNews



  1. Larissa Ngwamesia

    November 20, 2017 at 9:10 PM

    We wish for the investigation to commence as soon as possible so the government of LRC be put to shame…

    It’s too much. It’s high time Nigeria steps in and help it’s colonial brother get rid from the imperialist LRC

  2. Amba Pikin

    November 20, 2017 at 9:13 PM

    Good job to the cross River Senator. Soon enough, we shall wipe all of them that border

  3. Malis

    November 21, 2017 at 1:04 AM

    Nigeria has come a long way to be what it is today, it was not an easy ride and it is still not an easy ride.

    We will never forget their generosity and open heart.

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