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Amnesty International Shames Cameroun Tchiroma, Says Cameroun Military Carried Extrajudicial Execution









Amnesty International confirmed Thursday that Cameroonian soldiers perpetrated the shocking extrajudicial execution of two women and two young children caught on video and gone viral on social media.In a statement, the London-based rights organization said “extensive analysis of the weapons, dialogue and uniforms that feature in the video, paired with digital verification techniques and testimonies taken from the ground, all strongly suggest that the perpetrators of the executions are Cameroonian soldiers.”

Amnesty says its expert investigators found “credible evidence” linking the “the horrific extrajudicial executions of two women and two young children” to Cameroonian soldiers.One of the children executed was probably less than 10 years while the other was a toddler, strapped to the back of a woman, presumably its mom.As the soldiers approach an area of open field right off the road where the four were executed in cold blood, one can hear one of the soldiers suggest that the children be taken off the back of the woman. To which, another soldier responds: “No need for that. It (the child) will be executed along with its mother.”

Within seconds of hearing these words, the women and young children – the less than 10-year-old girl is holding onto her mother’s hand – when they are separated, blindfolded, made to sit or partially lie on the ground, and then bullets rain on them.

One soldier is heard complaining that one of the children has not died. At which point, another soldier, fires another round of up to eight bullets. The shooting appears not to end, forcing even one of the soldiers to call out for the soldier firing to let ceasefire. Satisfied with their gruesome crime, the soldiers can be heard insisting on the person filming the execution to keep his fear aside and ensure that s/he does a good job with filming. One soldier also calls out on someone to pour some dust on the bodies, left lying on the side of heaps of stones which look like the tombs of previous victims.Cameroonian authorities on Wednesday called the video “fake”. Amnesty said Thursday that such a qualification of “this shocking video… simply doesn’t stand up to scrutiny. We can provide credible evidence to the contrary,” Amnesty added.

“Given the gravity of these horrific acts – the cold blooded and calculated slaughter of women and young children – these hasty and dismissive denials cast serious doubt over whether any investigation will be genuine,” said Samira Daoud, Deputy Director of Amnesty International’s West Africa Office.

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