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The UN Must Now Invoke The Responsibility To Protect- Ambazonia Diplomat Opines



Ufoka Eugene


Indictment of #PaulBiya regime of Cameroon ?? is inevitable, certain and coming soon as UN security Council compel to uphold their duty and obligation responsibility to protect #Southerncameroons .

A must read to understand why.

In 2005 during the world leaders summit the concept of the Responsibility to protect as tool of the United nations to use and protect civilians from mass atrocities crimes and war crimes by brutal regimes was adopted and endorsed as a global commitment by all #UN members states. The World leaders agreed to hold each other accountable and to make sure all leaders and nations will keep and uphold the responsibility to protect. That if any state fail to uphold their responsibility to protect then their national sovereignty cannot be used as a shield. The UN security council must invoke the responsibility to protect by authorizing international intervention to end the conflict.

Responsibility to protect is based on the underlying premises that sovereignty entails the responsibility to protect all population within a sovereign nation. That means no nation can turn around and start killing population in part of it sovereign territory and then try to use sovereignty to push back international intervention. French Cameroun has failed in this regard thus the world (UN) MUST NOW ACT.

During the 2005 world leaders summit it was agreed and signed by all UN members that if a state fails to uphold their responsibility, the sovereignty of the state in question will be broken by the UN security Council given the authorities to invoke international intervention to protect population facing harm. During these past three years the Cameroon regime has clearly failed in upholding their responsibility to protect as they declared war on Ambazonians and embarked on mass atrocities and war crimes killing women and children like dogs. The UN security is now already contemplating with taking adequate actions as endorsed on them by the 2005 adoption of the global commitment of the responsibility to protect. Its now just a matter of time.

The brutal regime of Cameroon with no understanding of international law and the responsibility to protect has turned to use sovereignty as their license to kill and their main argument to push back international intervention in #Southerncameroons. But their time is up as the vast library of evidence are overwhelming pointing to their mass atrocities crimes which has left many including the UN security members state thinking on their legal and moral obligation to uphold the 2005 responsibility to protect in Ambazonia.

African Union (AU) was the main champion and pioneered the concept that the international community has a responsibility to intervene in crisis situations if a state is failing to protect its population from mass atrocity crimes. In 2000, African union incorporated the right to intervene in a member state, as enshrined in Article 4(h) of its Constitutive Act, which declares right of the Union to intervene in a Member State pursuant to a decision of the Assembly in respect of grave circumstances, namely war crimes, genocide and crimes against humanity.

The rogue lawlessness dreadful dictator #PaulBiya regime of Cameroon will be indicted soon by the UN security council as calls mounted on the international community for intervention in #Southerncameroons.

Fellow Ambazonians as your diplomat I want to assure and reiterate to you all that the end of the #PaulBiya regime is near. Ambazonians we must not waver or be shaken by the killings those are the last kick of a dying horse LRC only meant to shock and scare us to surrender. These are the last chapter of Cameroon occupation of our land that is why they are leaving behind absolute devastation.

But we shall not blink and we shall chase them to the bottom of hell and put them in chains at the ICC.

Your Diplomat

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