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Policeman Shot Dead, Bafut Population Stop GCE



SOUTHERN CAMEROONS: UPDATES FROM BAMENDA 06 JUNE 2017: Policeman Shot Dead and Other Stories

Bafut 06 June 2017
Attempt to write GCE failed as population came out to burn the students and the government technical school where the writing was about to take place. Students ran into the bushes. Seems the writing of GCE in Bafut is over. Some elders begged population to spare the school and intelligence reaching us is that the school was spared.

Bamenda 06 June 2017
Police man had confrontation with a civilian. Policeman tried to deal with the civilian with impunity but it was a wrong civilian. The civilian removed his own gun and fired on the policeman who died on the spot. Civilian climbed on his bike and drove off. It seems guns have infiltrated Bamenda in their numbers and civilians now armed. It is not clear if civilian was a bush faller or a local.

Bamenda 06 June 2017
Policeman took girlfriend to a hotel around Council Junction and was about to have fun. Unidentified gang stormed hotel and butchered the policeman. Not sure if policeman still alive or death at the point of writing.

More stories and details coming in from various location in Ambazonia (Southern Cameroons)

Barrister Tumasang Martin.

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