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Cameroon’s Visionless Leaders: The Ivory Coast Example



The recent deal that the Cameroun government signed with China that will see 500.000 mini laptops delivered to University students in the Cameroons for a record 70 billion CFA has sent shock waves to the Cameroons people. The intelligence unit of Cameroon’s People’s Action Party (PAP) had earlier disclosed that their investigations revealed that those laptops were overbilled. More vexing is the fact that the Biya’s regime again paid 2500frs CFA to Cameroonians claiming to be University students to march and sing praises to Biya for promising them a laptop something which they are still to receive.

The recent most shocking news is that Ivory Coast which has been in a civil war right up to 2011 when Alassane Ouattara took over the political office as Laurent Gbagbo was arrested and detained could make a good deal more than a country which has seen relative peace for 50+ years, no military coup. Information reveals that Ivory Coast has just struck a deal worth 4 billion CFA to assemble computers in the country producing 2000 computers a day, meanwhile Cameroons Paul Biya has scammed the people of the Cameroons with a 70 billion CFA project to provide 500.000 computers to University students. How visionless can Cameroons leaders be? How useless can they be?

The Ivory coast project reveals that the Grand-Bassam Technology Free Zone in their country will house an industrial unit for computer assembly including tablets and smartphones by the end of this year.

Reports say the industrial unit will be accompanied by an incubation center and a technological University. All these will worth 4 billion CFA. Dr. Alain Capochichi, the founding president of the Cerco group, reveals that the project will revolutionize the digital environment in the sub-region and thereby make Ivory Coast the ‘African Google. ”

Cameroon Buea is the technological city with a lot of intelligent brains. The government could have invested in these guys to develop something great for the country. Giving laptops to students is never a sustainable project, apart of the economic scam, the project is not sustainable. Sustainability should involve building and equipping libraries in the Universities, open up digitised multimedia centres with modern desktops that are linked to the internet so that individuals will use for research and generations behind will follow, allow a wifi free campus for those with laptops to use, invest in job-creating ventures like what Ivory Coast have just done. The country leadership is sick, old and visionless.

BaretaNews contributor, Mr. Callistus Funjong added ” When I declared that Biya was a scammer and a conman, I knew exactly what I was talking about. While Ivory Coast is building a computer assembly plant at the cost of 4 billion CFA, Biya is spending 70 billion CFA to buy Chinese laptops. Ivory Coast plant will offer jobs, generate revenue to the state in the form of taxes workers will pay. Employees will be able to meet their needs.

I suggested that with 70 billion CFA, Biya could create at least 9 companies that will employ at least 2 million Cameroonians over a period of 3 years. That the government would generate at least CFA 240 billion each year on taxes.It’s a shame that some people were hailing Biya’s reckless gesture. Look at the amount ivory coast is investing for a computer assembly plant and compare that to what Biya is spending on some notebooks that we have no clue on their specification. You don’t even need to be an analyst or a consultant to understand that Biya’s deal is a scam. Any guy with an average mind can tell that Biya has a “banga” infested brain.”


Cameroon is a joke. What a country!!!!!!!!

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