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University of Buea Shocks Buea Mayor With Fake Certificate



BaretaNews is getting credible and confirmed information that more than 100 support staff of the Univetsity of Buea have been sacked by the government. These were mostly the Vice Chahcellor Nalova’s recruit with fake certificates. Some of them includes those who stayed in the University for years, others those who faked certificates to get admission into the University of Buea.

The saga began when the Vice-Chancellor Dr. Nalova Lyonga approached the ministry of finance for assistance to pay salaries of support staff as the University internal budget dropped as a result of the ongoing strike action from teachers and lecturers. BaretaNews was told the ministry discovered that the number of support staff was over bloated more than that of any other state university, as such, the Finance Minister in his ongoing campaign to clean Ghost and fake workers asked the Vice Chancellor for a thorough census with all certificates presented. It was then discovered that most of the support staff recruited had fake certificates while some who had been stagnant for a long time faked certificates to be promoted in the university.

We are told, all those with fake certificates were summoned to defend and since most of them could not defend or show the originals of their certificates,they were all handed letters to go home. The University sacked them.

Mayor Ekema
The most shocking of the news is that, amongst the 71 names lastly posted this Friday 23rd June, 2017 with fakes certificates, the name of the mayor of Buea Rural Council Patrick Ekema was amongst. It should be noted that before Ekema’s promotion as Mayor, he worked at the University of Buea as a support staff. He thereafter enrolled at the University to pursue a degree. The recent discovery indicates that he had just one advance level paper. The question is, how was he admitted into UB? How was he admitted to work even as a support staff at the office of the students affairs? He faked his entry at both levels.

BaretaNews insiders at the University of Buea earmarked that Ekema once he was caught and his name known, Patrick Ekema for fear of further escalation quickly resigned and tendered his resignation as a support staff of the University of Buea. It should be noted that Ekema though currently the mayor of Buea remained a support staff of the University because it is the Government decision that mayors who work with government institutions will have their salaries suspended during their mandate as mayors

This is breaking news. BaretaNews shall bring more on this.

Stay tuned.

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