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The Armed Conflict Will Last Long And Will Spill Into Cameroun Unless……Dr. Nfor Susungi





Subject: Grand National Dialogue

Our Reference: BFP/PRL /09/2019/001

Why the Briscam Freedom Party shall not participate in Mr. Biya’s Grand National Dialogue

There are five principal reasons why the BFP cannot participate in any Dialogue with the Biya regime


It is on record that Paul Biya has always been opposed to dialogue with the people of the Southern Cameroons /Ambazonia because he looks at them with great contempt and has always believed that his military will crush the Anglophones whom he calls “rebels and secessionists” and enable him to impose his annexationist agenda on them making it unnecessary for him to negotiate anything with them.

Mr. Biya also agreed secretly with French President Emmanuel Macron that France shall block every attempt by the UNSC to act under Chapter VII of the UN charter to bring the crisis to an end. But the hidden agenda was to buy time for Mr. Biya to pursue his military objectives of crushing the Anglophone rebellion. Mr. Biya is only calling for this national dialogue because his military strategy has failed.


The Southern Cameroons /Ambazonia has fixed the political goal of achieving full independence with English as its official language and has also decided that they shall withdraw from the CEMAC Franc Zone to join the ECOZONE.

Mr. Biya and his government are still deluding themselves with the mantra that Cameroon is “one and indivisible”. This is the thinking which has led Mr. Biya to send many young poorly trained French-speaking soldiers to their deaths over the last three years.

The reality is that the federal union which was formed in October 1961 by a peaceful and voluntary vote of the people of the Southern Cameroons but scrapped by the Ahidjo government in 1972 can never be restored by the Biya government by military force, involving the burning of 200 towns and villages, the sending of 30.000 as refugees into Nigeria and creation of over 600.000 IDPs.

Mr. Biya still dreams about a Union in which the French language will remain the language of power and Southern Cameroons will be forced to remain in the French-controlled Franc Zone and continue to be a French colony by proxy.

The goals of the people of the Southern Cameroons are so far away from those of the Biya regime that nothing can be achieved in Mr. Biya’s so-called National dialogue.


Mr. Biya is convening his dialogue at which there will be no neutral party acting as an intermediary. He is interested in a dialogue which will be controlled by the CPDM party so that, like all elections LRC, everything will be tailored to suit the needs of his party.

An earlier attempt to conduct dialogue in Switzerland with Swiss intermediation failed because Swiss neutrality was questionable due to the fact that Mr. Biya is a Swiss Citizen. Despite his Swiss citizenship the Swiss Federal Prosecutor has failed to indict him for genocide war crimes and crimes against humanity as he is required to do under Article 23 and 24 of the Swiss penal code.

If the Swiss Federal Prosecutor who has been active in indicting Fifa officials on charges of corruption, fails to indict a Swiss Citizen for genocide, war crimes and crimes against humanity, then Switzerland cannot be deemed a trusted party to intermediate in the Cameroonian crisis.


Mr. Biya is calling his National Dialogue to take place in Yaounde. The choice of this venue guarantees that no serious minded opinion leader from the Southern Cameroons will come to his dialogue forum because the fate of Sisiku Ayuk Tabe and the Nera Ten who were abducted from Abuja in January 2018 is proof that the Biya regime can never be trusted. They were subsequently tried by a military tribunal and sentenced to life imprisonment and fined 250 billion FCFA.

For this reason, Southern Cameroons /Ambazonians are advised to stay away from Mr. Biya’s national Dialogue because they could either be arrested or targeted for assassination for the purpose of decapitation of the leadership of the Southern Cameroons /Ambazonian movement.


Mr. Biya is calling hs national dialogue when the Southern Cameroons is still under occupation by the Cameroonian army which has continued to burn villages and to kill innocent civilians including babies.


The Briscam Freedom Party believes that there are two key elements that are essential for settling the crisis. These two elements must be understood to Mr. Biya and his international supporters.


The Briscam Freedom Party has consistently maintained that the only solution to this crisis is to hold a UNSC sponsored referendum in Southern Cameroons to determine the people’s will as it is done in all civilized countries. Why?

°If France can allow the people of New Caledonia to hold a free referendum to decide their future even though the French Republic is a unitary state according to the constitution of the 5th Republic ;

°If France can hold a referendum to decide whether or not to ratify the Maastricht treaty.

°If Canada can allow the people of Quebec to hold two referenda to enable the people of French-speaking Quebec to decide their future;

°If the United Kingdom can allow the people of the Falklands to hold a referendum to freely choose their future;

°If the United Kingdom can allow the people of Scotland to hold a referendum to decide their future and may even repeat it in the event of the UK’s exit from the EU.

°If the United Kingdom itself can decide to hold a referendum to decide its future membership of the European Union

°If France can hold a referendum just to decide whether or not to privatize Paris Airport

°If the UNSC can allow people of South Sudan can hold a referendum to decide on their future

°If the Swiss Confederation conducted as many as 10 national referenda in 2018 alone

°If the Russian Federation can hold a referendum in Crimea to enable the people to choose their future,

°If the referendum is the unique political instrument which civilized societies regularly use in order to settle complex political problems that present the electorate with a binary choice,

Then the people of the Southern Cameroons /Ambazonia shall not settle for less. The Southern Cameroons youth who took up arms after Mr. Biya declared war on them on 30 November 2017 will lay down their weapons only when the UNSC sets a date for a referendum with a referendum question that should be identical to the one that France used in New Caledonia on 4th December 2018.


We have taken note of the life sentences pronounced on Sisiku Ayuk Tabe and his 9 companions in addition to the fine of 250 billion FCFA. The figure of 250 billion FCFA is nearly half a billion USD. The GDP (2018) of Cameroon is around $40 billion and the fiscal budget is $5 billion. In other words, the fine is 10% of the annual budget of Cameroon and 1.25% of the GDP of the whole of Cameroon.

The Briscam Freedom Party accept the 250 billion FCFA as a SCREXIT divorce bill and are willing to sit down with the government of Dion Ngute, the chairman of the proposed National Dialogue to negotiate the modalities so that the payment can be made through a single wire transfer to the Cameroon treasury in order to bring an end to this Union which has brought so much pain and suffering to our people.

The Briscam Freedom Party is willing to lead a team from the Southern Cameroons /Ambazonia to negotiate the modalities for the payment of the 250 billion FCFA SCREXIT divorce bill leading to the release of Sisiku Ayuk Tabe and the Nera Ten as well as all the detainees of Southern Cameroons /Ambazonia held in the various detention centers as part of a comprehensive separation treaty between the Southern Cameroons /Ambazonia and la Republique du Cameroun.

The negotiations between the Southern Cameroons /Ambazonia and LRC shall be conducted with the AfDB and the World Bank acting as joint facilitators and Co-chairmen because the two institutions possess vital information on the Cameroonian economy and they shall play a vital role in providing post-conflict support to the two countries.


The conclusion is that unless the Biya regime and the international community are willing to accept the principle of a UNSC sponsored referendum followed by negotiations for a SCREXIT Divorce, then the armed conflict is going to last long and the next phase shall involve the rest of Cameroon.

©Copyright September 2019;
Dr. Nfor N Susungi
Briscam Freedom Party
Ombudsman for National Security
WhatsApp No
+22557217839, +22967192982, +2348091169696

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