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Taxi Drivers To Push Council Tax On UBa Students



Taxi Drivers To Push Council Tax On UBa Students

By Mbah Godlove

Students of the University of Bamenda, UBa will soon begin paying the price of a recent war that ensued between taxi drivers and the Mayor of Tubah Council.

During a recent meeting that brought together the Tubah Mayor, colonial Divisional Officer, and the Police Commissioner, it was decided that all taxi drivers plying the Bambili road will henceforth pay a daily tax worth 250 Francs.

The decision of the meeting, however, did not go well with most taxi drivers who consider it extortion.

This is because they’re already several colonial checkpoints on the said stretch of road where the drivers are compelled to pay daily taxes.

The transporters are more furious owing to the fact that the Ambazonian war of independence is itself a heavy burden on them.

Therefore, imposing the Council tax on these people only adds insult to injury.

Unhappy with the 250 Francs daily tax to be paid to the Tubah Council, some disgruntled drivers are threatening to increase transport fares.

If this takes effect, students of UBa will likely be the ones to suffer the burden the most, given that they use the Bambili road more or less than any other category of person.

In the last three years, transport fares from Bambili to Bamenda rose from 500Frs – 600Frs, 600Frs – 700Frs, and the fear is that it might even go up to 1000Frs.

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