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US House Of Representatives Has Passed Resolution 358, Yes We Can





US House Of Representatives Has Passed Resolution 358, Yes We Can.

The United States House Of Representatives has passed resolution 358 that calls on Cameroun Government and Separatist Movements to enter into a broad based dialogue without preconditions. We are told the resolution will now be sent to the United States Senate for it to be passed as it is or revised by the Senate with its own version.

This is where Ambazonians in the USA should get to work. Everyone in his or own district, get to your Senator, call and tell them while you appreciate that move, there is more the resolution should talk about, such as addressing the root cause of the conflict as the US has been saying all along as well as respecting UN Resolution 1608 which is primordial focus of this present conflict.

This platform is aware that the resolution mentions Federalism reconstitution as one of the proposals falling short of the aspirations of the people as well as such proposal directly contradicts USA calls for dialogue without preconditions. We must be aware that what foreign Governments can do are only to propose ideas, solutions but the power rests with the people, yes we the people.

It’s a good thing that such a resolution about our conflict is even passing at US Congress at this stage of our revolution. USA is a good friend but we must continuously tell them why they must do more to stop the genocide.

Collectively, let us get our acts together by making sure the situation on ground zero should be the only factor or stimulus that will tell members of US Congress that this is what we must go for. While we understand the US in all diplomatic fairness cannot outrightly call for separation, the resolution itself did not deny us our rights to self determination, we must continuously tell them to use the legally frame language imbibed in UN resolution 1608.

As our leaders and people have continuously shown, we are open to negotiate our terms of coexistence side by side with Cameroun as two peaceful nations and as the US puts it, it is time for them to force Cameroun to come on the table without preconditions. We are ready, we have shown good faith.

We must continuously having hope. Our Ambazonia Prisoners Of War have shown the way. It is time we build on that momentum across the 13 states of Ambazonia to tell the world that we stand with our prisoners held in Yaounde Concentration Camp formally called Kondengui Prison. Yes, we can

Mark Bareta

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  1. Mbeuh

    July 24, 2019 at 1:54 PM

    I was going to comment along the same lines of thought about the passage of resolution 358 in the U S House of Representatives but I think you wrote for both of us. The U S is ONLY PROPOSING, no different from the position of Switzerland and Germany offering to act as facilitators and NOT IMPOSING Federalism or fake unity with French speaking LRC. Like you said Mark, the rest is up to us Ambazonians to continue pressing our quest for a free and independent State of ours.

    When you’re viewed as the underdog in a fight, its an uphill task to get the powers that be to roll over to your side. Today Tibor Peter Nagy Jr.
    proudly peddles the role he supposedly played in resolving the Eritrea-Ethiopia independence conflict. But the truth is that Mr. Nagy lured Eritrean freedom fighters into a meeting with Ethiopians that took place in a North African country and there he told Eritreans to work out a framework for federalism with Ethiopia. Eritreans were so pissed they told him in his face that they did not come there to discuss anything within the framework of federalism. They immediately up and left the so called conference and continued, in fact, intensified the fight for their independence. The rest is history and good ole Tibor Nagy, well…..

    It is often said that ‘SUCCESS’ has many fathers but that ‘FAILURE’ OR ‘NONE-SUCCESS’ is an Orphan. Let us Ambazonians fight our way from our current view as orphans to success arriving in BUEA. God bless the struggle. God bless our valiant fighters. God bless Southern Cameroons.

  2. Agien Nyangkwe

    July 24, 2019 at 3:28 PM

    Thanks Mark. People should not fail to remember that there were thé same types if résolutions passed on East Timir…

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