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Tapang Ivo, ADF Spokesman Praises IG Acting President New Year Message, Calls For Strategic Collaboration



Interim Government of Buea



The Acting President, Dr. Samuel Sako end of the year 2018 speech in support of Tapang Ivo Tanku has generated a reaction from Tapang Ivo, the spokesman of the Ambazonia Defense Forces-ADF. The Acting President says, the so-called court case in the USA is not a Tapang, Akwanga, Ayaba, Boh Herbert, Sako case but it is a case against the people of the former British Southern Cameroons. The Acting President says the case is laughable and that should the case comes up, we will go to court and put up a big fight. He advises the plaintiff to refer to us as Former British Southern Cameroonians. In reacting, Tapang has now said, indeed we must unite and collaborate strategically.


Dear Ambazonians,

Permit me to seize this rare opportunity on our platform to formally thank Mr. Sako S. Ikome of the IG for his excellent and inclusive New Year message to Ambazonians in particular.

His message ties with the unity campaign we preach, and not the division and bans we publicly shame and detest. In fact, no matter our differences in opinions and group affiliations, respect and tolerance can unite us all. Stay where you are but respect and tolerate.

Mr. Sako’s sympathy on the frivolous lawsuit against Tapang Ivo Tanku, in particular, is a huge leap towards “Ambazonia first,” a policy we should promote hence.

A fight against one is a fight against all.

Although the frivolous lawsuit seeks to racket all Ambazonians as “terrorists of the highest order,” Sako’s touch on the issue further opens the door to a broader united stance against La Republique du Cameroun. As someone said, “the long-awaited independence package has been hidden in this expected lawsuit.”

I pray all key bloggers preach respect, tolerance and strategic collaboration for all groups. I pray all key bloggers CRITIQUE without insulting our particular leaders on the shows. Your choice of leadership may not be my choice. But respect and tolerate mine and I will respect and tolerate yours’.

If we unite, we will identify the real La Republique among us. If we do not unite, we will never ever identify the real La Republique among us because the devil dwells in division.

Long live Ambazonia.

Tapang Ivo Tanku, ADF Spokesman for life

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