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Leaders of the Common Law Lawyers protest action have been intimidated by the government- several sources reports. The government as usual instead to invite these leaders for dialogue to map a way forward is instead sending out summons which is not administrative at all. The South West Attorney General summoned all four leaders of the Common Law Lawyers Association, SW Bar Council members to appear before him today.

The Common Law Lawyers have been protesting for more than a week now due to the government reluctance to heed to their demands which they made in 2014 and 2015. A joint communique of the leadership of the constituent associations of Cameroon common law lawyers released on 15th October stipulated 8 points and further pushed the strike action for another week till October 21st.

BaretaNews notes that nothing concretely has been sorted till date. We are hoping to get feedback after the Lawyers must have visited the SW Attorney General. However, we want to send our unflinching support to these lawyers. This is a popular strike and the people are with you. We urge you to stay resolute and steadfast as you have been and used all appropriate means possible to achieve your goals.

The Cameroonian people are waiting to hear from the lawyers after the second phase of the protest will end this Friday 21st. As reported by the Lawyers communique, a crucial enlarged meeting will be held in due course to decide on the next steps to be taken should the government continue to ignore our demands.

It is clear that the government is already ignoring the demands of the Lawyers. We stand together. It is a shame that the Government cannot recognize the bicultural nature of the country and how important it is to the Anglophone people- the fight is not yet over.

The Struggle continues
God is still saying something.

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