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Water Na Water: OF Historical And Mystical Roots







Water Na Water Has Historical And Mystical Roots

Recently, the CEO of BaretaNews, Mark Bareta released a video showing how restoration forces of Southern Cameroons Ambazonia were engaged in a fierce battle with La Republique Du Cameroun forces at a locality in the Southern zone of the Federal Republic of Ambazonia. The video did not only receive applause from Southern Cameroonians for the self defense forces bravery and determination, it has reignited a new spirit of self defense amongst the entire Amba people; all because of what the restoration forces said during the show. We could hear them shouting “Water na water ” as they fought. This catch phrase has not only been bought by Ambazonians, it is now used as a sign of resistance and determination. However, what really is the meaning of “water na water”? Does it has a historically root before now?Is it bound to mysticism as some speculate? BaretaNews attempts a narrative.

Commentators have said that the catch phrase “WATER NA WATER” could be traced From July 1905 to 1907 in Tanganyika, present day Tanzania. We are told that during this period, the Tanganyikans were adviced and encouraged by their leader (prophet Ngwale’s Brother) that, they should put hands on deck to resist the Germans, their colonial master and their Native doctors would use Herbs to convert German Bullets against them to water.

To them the transformation of German Bullets to water was termed “MAJI MAJI in Swahili, meaning MAJIC WATER”

Therefore, historical pundits in Southern Cameroons are trying to compare the use of this phrase to that of the Tanganyikans. According to them, when the Amba forces use the expression “WATER NA WATER”, they are indirectly saying that the bullets of LRC’s forces are mere water to rekindle their fighting spirit.To them,whatever comes out of the guns is transformed to water and cannot harm them. It gives them additional focus and help.

BaretaNews cannot tell if these young fighters knew the historical perspective before doing this or have they any mysticism attached to it. No one knows the exact meaning, commentators are only trying to infer from history. Whatever the case, what we know is that it has renewed the Ambazonia Defense spirit amongst the entire Amba people as the code is now widely adopted by every citizen of the former British Southern Cameroons as a defense tool and to this, each Ambalader has ascribed to it different interpretations and meanings as they deem fit to suit their resolve to defend and protect homeland. Ambazonians have hence adopted the catch phrase to keep their revolution going.

Southern Cameroons activist Mark Bareta in his facebook live show on Sunday 10th June, 2018 had called on revolutionary fronts to monetize the slogan into different gadgets for Southern Cameroonians to buy so that proceeds from it could be sent back home for defense actions, the journey to Buea continues,we will soon get there.

Nzonnkwelle Arnold Ekomewang,

BaretaNews La Republique Correspondent

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