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We have already insisted that the conspiracy against Trump is dictated by the apprehension of lodges and orders about the puncturing of their rule. Those lodges and orders are stark naked in certain cases. In others, they do take refuge under the denominations. In the history of the United States, for instance, the only Catholic faithful ever elected president (John Kennedy) ruled for less than three years. The only other such faithful that has come to the doorstep of power is Joe Biden. Power has been the preserve of the protestants. Elsewhere, it is either the Freemasons, the Rosicrucians or some other lodge or order….

In some countries like Cameroun, the same persons are being recycled over and over, even when terribly debilitated by age. Any leeway to profanity is considered liable to lead to the demise of exclusivity. Therefore are one’s studies, intelligence and efficiency without knowledge of the password automatically repelled by the compact gate. And one wastes away till final departure even as the country stagnates in the development and needs contributions from all its citizens. Like birds of a feather, a member is singled out for destruction only when their loyalty falters. As it were, loyalty equals immunity.

The Trump phenomenon then is both the shield and the sword that should pave the way for the ordinary people. Another way of saying that, what is transpiring in the United States is the nucleus of the new world order: a world where the children of the poor; the ordinary people; the outsiders, in short, can accede to the apex of the contemporary preserve of the initiated.

We all know, of course, that power is never given. That explains the onslaught against Trump today by the establishment and their subservient journalists. Unfortunately, the downtrodden do fail to identify themselves with their own fight that “trumpism” represents – their own goal. That, after all, seems obedient to the natural order of things: swimming with the current needs little effort! It can be so smooth and sweet! Above all, when contrasted with the efforts expended by those battling with torrents in their progression upstream, submission becomes a spell of temptation. So unfortunate all that boils down to!

But what elude so many is that, in the end, the election of the new president of the United States could be most determinant how far or close the third world war is. And I bet that the election of another democrat could precipitate everything. Deterrent is the only language a rogue state that Russia has become of late does understand!
Without fear or favour!

Chief Justice Ayah Paul Abine
Cameroon Supreme Court Advocate

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