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Interim Government Reacts to the Mancho Et Al Sentencing



mass murder scheme in ambazonia




The heavy prison sentences dished out by the colonial military tribunal on Mancho Bibixy and other Southern Cameroonian-Ambazonian Civil Liberty activists last weekend prompted a reaction from the Communications Department of the Interim Government of the Federal Republic of Ambazonia.

In a press release on May 26, examined by BaretaNews desk, the Interim Government joins in solidarity with the ”good people” of Southern Cameroons in condemning the human rights abuse such as the trial of civilians in military court.

Lengthy jail terms, ranging from 10 and 15 years, alongside heavy fines of hundreds of millions of Francs CFA levied on civil activists is an indication that the reckless war declared on Southern Cameroons is becoming costly for the colonial government of French Cameroun. The colonial president Paul Biya is pressed for cash, the trumped- up charges accompanied by fines is one way for the Yaounde cabal to raise money. Our people shall not pay such. They shall rest in jail while we come for them. The revolution only ends with every single soul coming out of those kangaroo jails in one spirit.

Not deterred by prison sentences and fines, Ambazonians are determine to ensure the restoration of the Southern Cameroons independence. The killing, looting, raping, razing down of houses by La Republique’s forces will not dessuade Ambazonians from attaining that objective. Slamming jail terms on Mancho Bibixy and other civil liberty activists only strengthen the resolve of every Ambazonia fighting for freedom.

Having tried and convicted Mancho and the others in a Military Tribunal, the Interim Government challenges the government of La Republique to unconditionally release or charge the President of the Federal Republic of Ambazonia, Sisiku AyukTabe Julius and his cabinet, all of whom were illegally abducted in Abuja, Nigeria and deported to Yaounde.

Calling on the family members of those jailed compatriots to remain ”strong and resolute”, the Interim Government is assuring them their sacrifices will not go unnoticed, while urging them march on toward Buea. Stating that imprisonment, fines and genocidal war cannot stop the revolution.

The role of the International Community is being called upon once more, to investigate the gross violations of Human Rights in Southern Cameroons, bringing an end to unfair judicial process undertaken by the government of La Republique, such as the trials of Ambazonians in military court.





Neba Benson,

BaretaNews Foreign Correspondent/Analyst


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