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Southern Cameroonians in La Republique: Closest And Foot Soldiers Diasporans



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Ambazonians in La Republique du Cameroun, Wake up from your slumber!

Most of the time when we talk about the diaspora front of this battle we lose sight of the fact that our diaspora includes sons and daughters of Southern Cameroons living in La Republique du Cameroun. In the same way, when we talk about the home front, we fail to think about our homeland in terms of border limitations. We usually think of the homeland simply in terms of major towns. Wrong! We should be able to know the exact spots from where the next step you make takes you from Southern Cameroons land into La Republique du Cameroun land and vice versa. Without this knowledge we can’t talk about defending our homeland let alone talk about ensnaring the oppressor. In this war, territorial encroachment and gains will eventually become the measuring rod of wins and losses. If we all agree that La Republique citizens and administrators have been encroachers for decades on our land, we should know where, when and how to return the deed.

The battlefront as defined by the oppressor stretches from the northernmost part of Ambazonia, Nkambe down through to the southernmost part, Victoria. We should know this better than the oppressor does. I don’t want to think that our defense department has not yet mapped out and demarcated all border villages and hamlets of Ambazonia with La Republique. We ought to have a list of those villages publicly available for us to consult and use for strategic defensive planning as well as the civic education of our kids. Road crossings as well as river crossings to and from La Republique should be made known to every Ambazonian especially those living in La Republique du Cameroun. In the heat of war, our citizens will need secret escape routes out of the country or into the country from threats abroad. The inhabitants of villages and towns bordering La Republique should be enlightened on the strategic nature of their area as being closest to an aggressive neighboring country. In warfare, a mastery of the borders and natural features found along those boundaries are extremely important and our experts at the defense department should know better.

Southern Cameroonians in La Republique du Cameroun hold an excellent vantage point in this war. They are the closest diaspora to the home front we have. They can easily infiltrate and cause havoc on strategic targets in La Republique like schools, police stations, Divisional and sub-Divisional offices, etc. while La Republique intelligence agents all focus on Southern Cameroons territory. These are actions that are being mobilized and shall be used when the need arises and depending on the actions on the invaders occupying our territory. There should be awareness among our people and they should awake from slumber wherever they are, especially those who don’t know yet that we are at war.

Our brothers and sisters living in La Republique; you cannot pretend to ignore the struggle at this critical moment for the simple fact that you live in our oppressor’s land. On the contrary you should see yourselves as foot soldiers already stationed deep in the enemy’s territory and try to take advantage of that position to grab the enemy by the balls dangling right above you as he tries to choke us in our land. Rally in groups or as individuals and reciprocate in any way

you can whenever brutal acts by the oppressor are reported in Ambazonia. If you can’t do big things, fine, do the least: Leave tracts wherever you go in La Republique warning the annexationists to leave our land in peace. Stay away from school. Shut down your business. Boycott the oppressor’s products even in his land. Visit our leaders in agony in jails. Write a message for the struggle on any scrap of paper around you, tree trunks, rocks, walls, streets, anywhere you can and using whatever you can use to write. Don’t tell me there is none of these you can do. Do something for the struggle. If you do nothing for this struggle you have done your worst and don’t come celebrating victory with us when it comes.

How does it feel to go about attending school, teaching and running your business as usual in La Republique while getting minute-by-minute news updates on your counterparts, friends and family being terrorized back home in Ambazonia just a few kilometers away across the border? Are you even able to admit you are of Southern Cameroons descent or you are denying your origin and knowledge of Southern Cameroons in cowardice so you can eat? Are you planning to continue in La Republique after the revolution and give up your homeland or you are simply dodging the crisis cunningly and waiting for it to be over so you come claiming and celebrating victory shamelessly with us? Where is your conscience? Where is your love for the homeland? Where is your humane nature and your compassion?

If Ambazonians in other countries around the world were as quiet about our struggle as you are in La Republique, our struggle on the home front would be dead by now. The vocal nature of our diaspora in other countries around the globe, in collaboration with the resilience and ground actions of the home front have been the key to the success of this struggle so far. The aloofness, inactivity and silence of Southern Cameroonians in La Republique can be considered to be serious setbacks to the struggle just slightly less in magnitude than the persistent treacherous and lukewarm attitude of Southern Cameroonian elite intellectuals serving our oppressor shamelessly as senators, parliamentarians, ministers, civil servants, etc. Their servitude and addiction to crumbs from the master’s table are the reasons the oppressed people of Southern Cameroons have become the laughingstock of the bourgeoisies of La Republique du Cameroun. Surprise your master for once, will you?

The current sneaky undeclared state of emergency La Republique is imposing on the people of Southern Cameroons is simply a way to prick our nerves and also test the depth of our resolve to go beyond the usual mile they have been used to in the past. We owe them the right answer, which is to prick them in return where they least expected. That least expected place is right where you live and work in our oppressor’s land. You owe all our fallen heroes and our children that duty to wake up to the revolution for the restoration of the statehood of Southern Cameroons. I live you with your conscience.

By Ndoh Emmanuel

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