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Cameroon is a lie: ‘Students’ Paid 2500frs to March



Biya has always stolen the Presidential election since multipartism. He has never genuinely won an election in the Cameroons. If he does, he will be loved by his people, his people will do things naturally for him without being pushed. His people will not be pretending as they do. Cameroon is a lie. The country strides on corruption, bad faith, and lies.

It has been revealed that each student who participated in the planned march past in Yaounde and Bamenda on Wednesday 3rd August 2016 to thank Biya on his so-called promised Chinese laptop were paid 2500frs CFA each. What a waste!!!!

“I’m here for the money my brother. I’m already doing the calculations. The water bottle they will give me, I will pay 400 CFA francs of my taxi and the rest we’ll see, ” said Olivier, a history student at the University of Yaounde I ” – reported Nouvelle Expression, the French Daily in their Thursday, 4th August Edition


Another added “Officials said they will give us 2,500 CFA francs at the end of the march. I appreciate the gesture of the President of the Republic, but if there was no money I would not have moved, “says Stéphane, a student at the Higher Institute Siantou. Nearby, Arsene, biochemistry student at the University of Yaounde I adds: “It is because we are on vacation there are no crowds. We could have been more. Everyone wants to have that money. If the university officials are lining their pockets with the excess. “- Nouvelle Expression wrote.


This move shows another desperate attempt from the Biya’s government to give the impression that the students love the move. Why pay the students to march in the first place? The laptop investment is already a bad deal, paying the students to march is another waste from the Biya’s administration. Off course the students have no choice than to receive their laptops, none could have gone out if they were not promised money. The students believed that the government is already corrupt thus taking from the government is a good thing and makes up part of their own share in enjoying the booty despite being minimal.

Awah Cletus, a student at the University of Bamenda, however, disputed the fact that those who took part in the march in Bamenda are University Students. He wrote to BaretaNews. Hear him:

” Presently all the facilities of the University of Bamenda including the ENS and ENSET are on holidays. These are certainly some of the irresponsible youths picked from around the quarters to make a belief on account of the students. The picture portrays some are teenagers who look very hungry and possibly not students of the University. The enrollment of the University of Bamenda is over 15000. Students of various faculties have an executive who represents them and any of such acts could only have through various faculties petitions and subsequently of the entire University through the students Union. These fellows on picture even if they were students, don’t probably have the mandate of the students to carry out such deceit., “look at their number” what does it constitute of the over, 15000 students of the University ..”

We earlier reported how investigations revealed these laptops from China are overbilled. Read here

Indeed Cameroon is a lie.

God is still saying something.

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