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The Wirba’s Resistance Must Double



Hon Wirba Joseph Mbiydzenyuy – The Pride of West Cameroon

At a time when the world is faced with what the UN calls “the greatest humanitarian emergency of our era”, with more people displaced by unspeakable conflicts than at any time since World War II, Africa-in-miniature’s fifty-five years modus Vivendi of crystallizing a sense of nationhood is teetering on the brink of collapse and remain a test case for a nation that has Camouflaged itself domestically and internationally as a heaven of peace in a sub-region surrounded by unbridled turbulence.

As the international community appeals to the government of La République du Cameroun to swiftly negotiate with genuine West Cameroon leaders, and strategically build camaraderie with the Anglophone community, The Wirba Resistance takes a closer look at the Pride of West Cameroon – Hon Wirba Joseph Mbiydzenyuy MP,

Believe it or not, Hon WIRBA Joseph Mbiydzenyuy does not possess superhuman attributes, and most likely wasn’t destined to emerge as one of the most influential leaders of the West Cameroon liberation struggle.

What makes him different, special and one of a kind is something we all have, an inner strength.

Unfortunately, for many of us, that inner strength has laid dormant all our lives, buried by the constant daily obstacles and negative influences that keep us grounded.

Hon Wirba is known for speaking the truth, politically astute and confident addressing sensitive conversations with a broad spectrum of audiences – from the highest levels of Government to ordinary members of the public.

He does not let others define who he is. He never let limitations others have placed on him deter him from standing up for what he believes in with passion, fearlessness, and cogency.

He never let the fact that what he wants to accomplish had never been accomplished before frighten him from giving it a try.

Hon Wirba’s greatness lies in the fact that he is a visionary, a democrat and international political leader who exercises his influence and leadership with humility and respect for his colleagues and opponents alike. He is, above all, a man who is stubborn in his resolve to fight all forms of discrimination, injustice and inequality.

A graduate of the University of Yaoundé, Ecole Normale Superieur, Annexe Bambili, Joe majored in English Literature and the teaching of English Language as a Second Language.

His teaching career spans over twenty years from 1982 and took him through various secondary schools and high schools in Cameroon. While teaching, he found time to work with the American Peace Corps in Batie and Bamenda where he worked as a Language Trainer and Coordinator for Cross-Cultural Affairs from 1988-1990.

Hon Wirba always had profound interest in politics and became actively involved in the Social Democratic Front (SDF) Revolution of 1990. Alongside the National Chairman, Ni John Fru Ndi, he formed the hard core of the resistance to government brutal determination to kill the SDF at its inception. As a key member of what was referred to as “Hunting Dogs”, Joe fought in the streets standing up for the SDF and got arrested several times. He was amongst the SDF Militants who were hunted down like animals during the state of emergency that followed the 1992 stolen victory of the SDF Candidate.

He worked relentlessly on the All Anglophone Conference I &II in seeking peaceful and sustainable solutions to the Anglophone minority problem in Cameroon.

His Pan-Africanist political stance and love for humanitarianism led him to bigger things when in 1994, alongside internationally renowned personalities like Kenneth Kaunda (Ex-President of Zambia), Ide Umarou (Former Secretary General of the OAU) and Barrister Bernard A Muna (Former Deputy Prosecutor for the United Nations Special Criminal Court for Rwanda), created an International Pan African Organization: the United Africa Association (UNAFAS). On its Board of Directors, Joe Wirba was Executive Assistant to the President of UNAFAS. His major duties were overseeing the Department of Political Affairs Democratic Progress and Humanitarian work in Africa.

As a rural farm boy who struggled for a better life, Joe developed his own sets of values which were purely human. His human values led him to create and run a Non-Governmental Organization; Care Organization for Rural Assistance, CORA whose work focusses on assisting and uplifting the poor and the downtrodden in rural communities. His hands – on approach in running CORA has earned him respect and acclaim in desperate hard to reach villages.

Hon Wirba is Member of Parliament for Jakiri Special Constituency since September 2013. His critical approach and his uncompromising stands on injustice, corruption and the lack of a functional democracy in Cameroon are well recorded. To him, politics should be about what works for the voiceless and helpless, rather than what works for the political elite.

In December 2016, the Honourable Member of Parliament was strident in his criticism of the government for atrocities committed by soldiers in Buea and Bamenda – following the non-violent Common Law Lawyers protest which was later energised by the sit-in strike action by Anglophone teachers.

His pain could be felt as he articulated his dissatisfaction with the way West Cameroonians were (are) being treated (as second class citizens).

Hon Wirba’s unprecedented, defiant speech at the National Assembly of Cameroon about Anglophone marginalization conspicuously inspired even the most hardened of cynics and galvanised Anglophone Cameroonians to resist Francophone suppression, take hold of their destiny and bend history in the direction of justice.

At a time when our people are being extra-judicially killed, raped, tortured, unlawfully arrested, and with internet blackout and plans by the colonial government of La Republique to further cut off telephone lines and stop communication entirely in West Cameroon, The Wirba Resistance is a Defiance Campaign against the colonial dictatorial government of La République du Cameroun and against its collaborationists

The campaign falls in line with the Cameroon Civil Society Consortium’s strike action

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