Southern Cameroons Liberation Council Petitions Buhari, Reminds Him Of Nigeria Role While Calling On Him To Bring Back Sisiku Et Al

Can Nigeria  speed up SISIKU’S trial Process? Southern Cameroons Liberation Council, SCLC sends BUHARI Letter

It is evident that the illegal trial of the Ambazonian Leaders in Yaounde has hit an impasse, creating total chaos in the crooked judicial system of La Republique Du Cameroun. Reason why President Sisiku Tabe and and team arrested in Nera Hotel, Nigeria, 5th January 2018 are yet to enjoy justice, as the case keeps suffering from many premature adjournments. 

As this persists, all factions of the Ambazonian Statehood ( Military,  Citizens and Diplomats)  keep bringing more pressure to bear on those who hold the key to unlock the solution to the entire brouhaha. President Muhamadu Buhari of Nigeria is a key and pivotal actor in the Ambazonian struggle, for illegally extraditing these leaders and not respecting the Abuja High court ruling to order them back to Nigeria for trial.This therefore has prompted the newly created and biggest coalition platform for Ambazonian Independence, Southern Cameroons Liberation Council, SCLC, to get to serious work.

 On its 5th April letter addressed to President Buhari through his Ambassador in the U.S.A, the Coalition, SCLC reminded Buhari of some few momentous issues.Most importantly is for the President  to respect the ruling of the Federal  Court of Abuja on March 1st 2019, asking Nigeria to send the illegally deported detainees back to Nigeria for justice to take its course from there. Also, they remineded Mr Buhari that in 1953, Southern Cameroons left Nigeria without his country killing anyone and wonder why it’s a force to now live together with the treacherous LRC. The league therefore urges Bulgari to advice his colleague, Biya, to ceasefire from the war he declared on Ambazonia, November 30th 2017 and also witdraw his troops from the Ambazonian territory.

 The SCLC maintains that, Nigeria being  a role model in African Democracy, has a big role to play in putting an end to the neocolonisation process  of Ambazonian by a French colony, CameroUn. Created few weeks ago, the SCLC has a wide and indepth insight of the historical, analogical and overwhelming intellectual clue to every word penned down to Mr Buhari. The letter addresses the Historical background of the 2 countries, the immediate causes of the ongoing war, the resolve and the inalienable rights of the Ambazonian People to self determination and self government,  and facts and figures of successes recoreded so far towards the complete Independence of the Federal Republic of Ambazonia. They didn’t spare the chance in equally  pointing out what Nigeria will face as far as refugee crisis is concern if a quick solution fails.

The April 8th failed court session in Yaounde is as a consequence of Nigeria’s reluctance to serve the people of Southern Cameroons and their leaders a little piece of justice. The same kind of justice that was served CameroUn by same Nigeria on the Bakassi peninsular in 2003 by international mediators. Being in his second term in office and being the one who wrongly sent to Yaounde refugees of international recognition, Buhari and his county is yet to pick a favorable place in the sight of Ambazonia,  the prestigious Anglo saxon Country engulfed in the midst of French controlled African states.

The 4 page document is done by leaders of front line movements for the restoration of Ambazonian Independence; Elvis Kometa for SCNC, Samuel Ikome Sako for IG, John Mbah Akuro for the Consortium, Sally Likowo for FSCWO, Boh Herbert for MORISC, Marc Chebs Njoh for ROAN, and Fontem Neba, an Associate Consultant of Ambazonia. Prior to this letter to Buhari, the umbrella organization had organized protest march infront of the Nigerian Embassy in Washington where they made their points clear enough. 

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. E.D. Ngo DIPODA

    April 9, 2019 at 5:54 PM

    About Elder SENATOR of Cameroon senate, his probable last speach, after so many years with a gvt of la republic, following a ganster president… so many deceptions continuing and acceptant liés, torturés, killings and déportation of innocents as Well as prisoning… who an old man can have his last days on such sufferings is destructive and unberrable. What I hope, as he said and I trust in old people testimony that FEDERALISM is the only way To solve the problem of equalty, DEMOCRACY and civil right and Freedom in Cameroon. It’s time To make peace through FEDERALISM.

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