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South Africa Mission: Dion Ngute And Delegation Flee





La Republique Mission of Lies Telling Against the Restoration of Southern Cameroons Independence in South Africa has been aborted and brought to an Abrupt end. Minister Dion Ngute and his delegation were forced to Flee

Dion Ngute representing the President of the Republic of Cameroun was at the South Africa embassy today afternoon to explain to “Cameroonians” there the situation in Southern Cameroons. While this is a laughable endeavour to avoid the situation back home and instead engage in a diplomatic mission, the Minister had in the hall very few Francophones and other invited individuals. Southern Cameroonians who came in their numbers were prevented to come into the embassy.

While other Ambazonians stayed outside the Embassy to protest, some forced their way into the embassy after bringing down the Cameroun embassy gate singing songs of freedom marched into the hall where the meeting was scheduled to hold. They told the minister to go back home and free all Southern Cameroonians held in Yaounde detention centers and called for a referendum for the Peaceful separation of La Republique with Southern Cameroons. As a result all food stuff within the hall reserved for food was destroyed and brought down. There was total chaos in the hall.

An engaging argument between the minister and Ambazonians generated to a complete take over of the meeting by Southern Cameroonians who were unable to comprehend the rationale of locking up Southern Cameroonians in Yaounde Prisons and then jet to South Africa, Belgium, UK,USA to explain.

Like the Belgian meeting of Laurent Esso, Dion Ngute meeting also ended in a fiasco. The minister who could not withstand the pressure. He had no choice than to flee from the venue

BaretaNews with contributions from Ashu Kingsly

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