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Covid-19 Pandemic: Mark Bareta Calls for Vigilance Amongst Ambazonia Fighters



Covid-19 Pandemic:
Mark Bareta Calls for Vigilance Among Ambazonia Fighters
By Mbah Godlove.

Dedicated Ambazonia advocate, Mark Bareta has entreated Pro-independence Fighters to take good care of themselves during this historical period of global health constrains brought about by the deadly Coronavirus.

He made the loud call during an exclusive 4 minute interview with BaretaNews in April 6. The famous activist unequivocally said that Ambazonian Fighters must be watchful, stressing COVID-19 is not a battleground and so no soldier is supposed to die. Hear him;

“You all (the fighters) are a key component of this Struggle of ours. I challenge anyone of you to protect yourselves against this disease,” he cautioned. “The Freedom Quest is nothing without your relentless sacrifices,” Bareta furthered.

To the selfless leader, not even Coronavirus can preclude Ambazonia’s independence process, intimating that the Fighters need to stay healthy to lead the suffering masses to the Promised Land.

Monday’s revelation from BaretaNews” CEO came days after he unconditionally went against the move from UN Secretary General to announce a Truice in Ambazonia as a prerequisite to limit the spread of COVID-19 in the West African country, stating that truce do not halt the spread but engaging in real time dialogue, releasing prisoners from crowded prisons will do

At the time of this report, one case of the virus has been registered in the city of Victoria and Buea, the country’s Southern Zone.

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